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“Make more happen” is the latest branding slogan Staples, the office supply supermarket, started using in 2013.

When Staples began in 1985, the owner/founder Tom Stemberg, could not find a replacement ribbon in his home town for the typewriter he was using while working on a business plan. On a holiday weekend, some stores weren’t open and others just did not have the right ribbon, thus the idea became a vision to offer office supplies to businesses and customers all over the country. That first store which opened in 1986 in Massachusetts has grown into a multi-million dollar office supply chain throughout the United States.

While the new tag line is recognizable, the older line of “that was easy” is memorable. That big Staples button surely comes to mind when thinking of office supply needs for business owners and private users.

Staples Gift Cards on DealDash
Staples Gift Cards on DealDash – Up for Auction Daily

Since Staples is one of the biggest suppliers of office products in the United States, and there is a store nearby, when I saw DealDash was offering Staples gift cards up for auction, I decided to try to win the $10, $25, and $50 gift cards if I could. I have purchased laptops for myself and others, so we always need software, paper, and printer ink. When I could not win a card I would often buy the Staples cards, and get my bids back to try another auction. Once I had accumulated enough gift cards I went shopping at the local Staples. I was able to buy the Microsoft Office program for my newest laptop and installed it quickly. The support staff at Staples was very helpful in helping me determine which software was going to be the wisest purchase for me. The Staples staff is always friendly and wanting to assist if there are questions you have about a certain product. They remind me of DealDash, where Customer Service is always top rate!

Since I have had the opportunity to shop at Staples online and in person, I have found they carry thousands of items that can be used around the home. I now have the best electric pencil sharpener and my grandson was able to select his backpack for school supplies. With the best selection around town and top notch customer service, Staples is the supermarket for office supplies for me with a price match guarantee!