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Do Work | Calculate Math | Have Patience

Win Learn Play DealDash

It takes time to learn the ropes to bidding on DealDash. However, you can win some really nice items at incredibly low prices if you are willing to do the work, the math and most of all have patience! If you are a newcomer, watch a couple of auctions from the beginning to end before bidding. You learn a lot watching the bidding practices of others!


Plan before entering an auction. Buy your bids when they are at the lowest price. The lowest I’ve seen is 220 bids @ .15 cents each totalling $33. I personally would not enter an auction with a buy it now price (BIN) of more then $30 based on 220 bids. Hope to Win but be prepared to lose. Find an auction that you would not mind buying now.


Most important! Deal Dash is awesome in that you can still bid, have a great time, buy your item if you are not lucky and still get all your bids back! Resist over-bidding and spending way too much for the item you have selected. Say you choose to bid on a $10 Wal-mart gift card. Do the math first: $10 divided by .15 cents equals roughly 67 bids. There is a catch… you have to include the going auction price at all times! Say you jump in the auction at $4. Don’t place 67 bids on a $10 BIN auction that has reached an auction price of $4 already. If you won on the 67th bid you would be paying a total of $14 dollars for the auction you’ve just Won! Bids + Auction Price = Money Spent.


The secret to Winning! It’s fine to bid and buy now because Deal Dash is not going to rip you off! But we are all here to WIN! Do a quick google search of the item you’ve chosen to bid on. You’ll find Deal Dash is fair at listing the BIN price competitively. Every auction you enter is going to be different from the number of bidders entering the auction, bidding practices of your competition, ect.. I’ve found that I love to set a bid-buddy up of maybe 5-10 bids before the auction even begins. Many bidders place 1 bid go off and forget the auction only to come back and find out that the auction ended at .17 cents! If you are going to leave, make sure some auto-bids are happening first! It’s better to not leave at all! Patiently wait, watch and find the perfect moment to really enter the
auction! I like to wait until there are only three auto-bidders running. Eventually one of them is going to drop out and that is when I like to jump in! Of course I don’t mind jumping right back out for awhile if I happen to see a 4th bidder join in. I like to save as many bids as I can for the win but you got to watch the auction really close! Just the strategy that works best for me. I did all my Christmas shopping with items I won on Deal Dash for 2013!

Helpful Note

The free bids that Deal Dash offers is a really cool feature! Try not to abuse it and stomp on others to get free bids. Bid-Stompers rarely win an auction! They only accomplish irritating their opponents, raising the auction price and are most likely going to get stomped back! It takes an awful lot of bids to move that meter as you level-up! In the end they really only cheat themselves.

Thanks for reading, Happy Bidding & Good Luck!

– kgthan

Giving DealDash Love

The Love Of Winning And Giving

Giving DealDash Love

I do love winning items on Dealdash but I also love winning for others.

I feels very good to give friends and family items I have won on Dealdash that they otherwise wouldn’t have or perhaps couldn’t afford.

One example is the Honeywell Portable Electronic Ceramic Heater I won for $1.88. During the colder months, we get super cold at work so I knew if I won the heater, it would be perfect for my co workers. They loved it when I brought it in and plugged it in, it heats beautifully!

Then I also won an Emerson 0.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Microwave, Black for $0.79. My Mom owns a small business and her microwave was given to her several years ago and is in dire need of replacing. She doesn’t know it yet but hers is about to be replaced! Shhhh…

My daughter joked that she has a hard time sleeping and really wanted a sound machine. So I won this Conair Sound Therapy for $0.28. Boy was she surprised when I gave it to her. She said it has helped her relax and get to sleep.

So Dealdash isn’t always about what you win for yourself, It’s also what you can win to improve someone else’s life. Dealdash gives you that opportunity to stretch your dollar in this economy. Thanks Dealdash!

dealdash auctions


Happiness consists of giving

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How To Find The Average Selling Price Of DealDash Auctions

Bidding in a pay to play online auction like DealDash is all about discipline, patience and having realistic expectations.

Terry B. explains the patience aspect well in his article Patience Patience Patience. Keep in mind that although someone may win an Apple iPad for $0.37, does not mean that’s always going to be the case. As you can see the average selling price for the Apple iPad Mini 32GB Black Slate is $79.22.

Apple iPad Sale DealDash

Click To View Auction

In case you don’t know how to find the average selling price of an auction, just log out of your DealDash account. If you’re logged into your DealDash account you’ll see this normal view of the auction, what it sold for, who won, etc.

The logged out view displays the item and average selling price of that item on DealDash. This works for any auction so go ahead and try it yourself. Hopefully this helps with your overall bidding strategy. Average Selling Price

I believe the secret to winning auctions is by staying active in it. However, before deciding to get involved and commit to an auction, it is imperative to stack up on bids. Eliminate the possibility or need to purchase bids after an auction has started and rather stay focused on the auction itself. This way you’re not scrambling to buy more bids or use one of your Buy it Now options to get additional bids loaded to your account in order to stay active in the auction you are bidding in.

Good luck!

– Sivaraj


DealDash Bidding Tips

6 DealDash Bidding Tips To Help You Win Auctions

I’ve been a conservative recreational bidder, winner and shopper on DealDash since 2011. I’ve won approximately 50 auctions and used the BIN (Buy it Now) on approximately 50 auctions.

Here’s an example of one of the large TV’s I won on DealDash at 54% off retail price.

LG TV WON On DealDash

Here are 6 bidding tips I recommend to follow to help you win more auctions when bidding on

1. Try bidding on something that you want which is of lower value at first and would buy anyway even if you did not win.

2. Place a bid on the item to “get in the auction” and then watch how the auction unfolds and how the bidding action takes pace. The reason you have to “get in the auction” is because on DealDash all auctions close to new bidders that did not place a bid before the auction reaches the $5 No Jumper limit. This helps keep reduce the amount of competition in the auctions.

3. If you notice that way too many people are bidding in the auction, it may be a good idea to wait until the same item comes up for auction again.

4. Know what the item you are bidding on is worth and how many bids it makes sense to use in the auction. Also see these other articles: Part One: Computing Bidding Cost and Part Two: Bidding Strategy

5. If you decide to bid, use the BidBuddy! You can always cancel your BidBuddy and the unused bids are returned back to your account or you can add more bids to the BidBuddy at anytime.

6. Be prepared to Buy it Now and get your bids back in case you lose the auction. This is a smart way to bid and keeps you from having to purchase more bids.

Choose to follow some of these bidding tips for a better shopping experience on!

– sgtfn2

The Most Challenging Auctions To Win On DealDash


Apple iPad Air DealDash

I have been bidding and winning on DealDash since September 2013. I have enjoyed the time spent and the thrill when I win. There are a few items that are the most challenging auctions to win on DealDash so if you are going to join the fray, you better have lots of bids and lots of time. Here are a few items I recognize as hard to win on DealDash.

Gift Cards

$500 Walmart Gift card – Average selling price on DealDash is $190.67

  • I have tried to win this $500 Walmart gift card on many occasions without success and believe this is a difficult auction to win. It’s a “One-Per-User” auction meaning you can only win this particular item one time. You can bid on as many times as you want and use the BIN (Buy it Now to get your bids back) however once you win it, that’s it, you can’t bid on this item again. Generally any gift card over $200 whether it’s a gift card for gas, home improvement, or Amazon; they are always in demand so you better plan if you try for any of these.

Computers, Laptops & Tablets

Apple iPad Air with Wi-FI 16GB Silver – Average selling price on DealDash is $115.40

  • Computers, laptops and tablets are popular and always bring a lot of bidders. To have a chance at winning these, it will take time and patience. Most of these items are also “One-Per-User” auctions, however there’s a variety of different types of computers, laptops and tablets available to bid on. Keep in mind the “One Per User” only applies to a specific model. So for example, someone could actually bid to win a “One-Per-User” Apple iPad Air 16GB Silver and they could also bid to win a Apple iPad Air 16GB Space Gray. Why? Because these are technically different auctions because they are a different color. A different color technically makes it a different item.

This may seem strange, but even the $10 Burger King gift card can be a difficult auction to win. I have seen a $10 Burger King gift card auction close at almost the value of the card itself. Three recent auctions have closed at $9.95, $9.79 & $9.05. Add the cost of the bids used for each of these and you know the winner has paid more than $10; if they actually paid for the gift card to have it shipped. Another option when you win a item is to not pay anything and simply exchange it for some extra bids. Although I’m surprised to see this auction close at such a high price compared to the value, I have won this card twice. Both times I used Bid Buddy and left the computer to do other things only to come back and see I won!

My suggestion to DealDash would be to close the auction on these high value items earlier than the $5 No Jumper limit. This lessens the pool of bidders giving each of the bidders a better opportunity to win. If these items are “One-Per-User”, you can also check to see who won the auction previously to help with your bidding strategy.

Also, remember Bid Buddy (it does help) and keep an eye on the number of bids you have and make sure you enough when you try for a high value item.

ALSO SEE: Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping

Below is a list of DealDash users who have won the “One-Per-User” Auction for the Apple iPad Air 16GB Silver and Space Gray. You can see the date it was sold, final selling price and which user won it! Calculate all these together and you’ll come up with the average selling price on DealDash.

Apple iPad Air DealDash

Apple iPad Air with Wi-Fi 16GB, Silver: Average selling price on DealDash is $115.40


3/20/2014 | $15.17 | tanksprincess

3/16/2014 | $172.52 | lk4753
3/8/2014 | $44.34 | botkind
3/4/2014 | $185.48 | dew1111
2/26/2014 | $123.53 | quocle
2/18/2014 | $9.85 | ductman1979
2/13/2014 | $146.37 | Phylis41
2/5/2014 | $53.08 | notstopp1ng
2/1/2014 | $188.22 | Keone
1/25/2014 | $85.00 | bsr551Saint
1/23/2014 | $46.22 | merse1949
1/20/2014 | $225.38 | tari
1/12/2014 | $216.91 | brumfield12
1/1/2014 | $127.31 | dolfan410
12/20/2013 | $109.56 | MuyBella
12/11/2013 | $74.22 | Afriganqueen
12/8/2013 | $49.27 | Bombadero
12/8/2013 | $186.98 | Parkway1432
12/7/2013 | $38.52 | Bidconstantly
12/5/2013 | $31.20 | telcom
12/4/2013 | $99.57 | JugglinAct
11/25/2013 | $41.70 | jackieugenia
11/24/2013 | $145.93 | rmb1671
11/23/2013 | $84.30 | WINBL0CKER
11/18/2013 | $131.88 | pataki1100
11/17/2013 | $41.84 | determined
11/17/2013 | $38.36 | Cheri127
11/15/2013 | $602.00 | 4boss (Known Free Auction Win)
11/15/2013 | $29.71 | dariandelanatj
11/14/2013 | $25.04 | solidc
11/12/2013 | $197.93 | tompakov
11/7/2013 | $286.21 | linkdab3240
11/7/2013 | $28.08 | Huggsmom
11/6/2013 | $70.00 | LocaPete
11/6/2013 | $13.83 | IHaveItNow
10/31/2013 | $212.32 | ez2luv
10/29/2013 | $337.25 | akadata
10/28/2013 | $158.55 | SweetAfliction
10/28/2013 | $14.39 | mastermindtech
10/27/2013 | $127.97 | GrandTheftAuto
10/26/2013 | $36.60 | NUTTERSDOG
10/26/2013 | $82.99 | Michhay
10/26/2013 | $172.19 | Trena1106
10/25/2013 | $63.11 | isawitfirst
10/23/2013 | $22.30 | OCDOCDOCD

Apple iPad Air with Wi-Fi 16GB, Space Gray: Average selling price on DealDash is $123.89


3/18/2014 | $117.16 | Southpoll
3/10/2014 | $20.86 | rockafella812
3/7/2014 | $287.82 | rustypill
2/26/2014 | $8.41 | notstopp1ng
2/20/2014 | $27.85 | btonner17
2/16/2014 | $246.43 | mlizzy
2/14/2014 | $91.74 | toertchen
1/31/2014 | $48.94 | iraqivet33
1/26/2014 | $122.81 | Counterfeitbid
1/19/2014 | $49.16 | Lam29
1/16/2014 | $130.72 | Lake247
12/31/2013 | $86.61 | jinzilla
12/21/2013 | $35.80 | propstar
12/21/2013 | $86.77 | eravea
12/20/2013 | $153.15 | allover
12/19/2013 | $104.43 | zacharysmomma
12/19/2013 | $35.27 | fbailey19
12/19/2013 | $282.43 | ez2luv
12/19/2013 | $60.03 | MENS678
12/17/2013 | $48.98 | EGuiliante
12/16/2013 | $102.75 | Teense
12/16/2013 | $194.69 | simon302
12/15/2013 | $152.97 | shadowlife89
12/14/2013 | $59.91 | cbarlow40
12/13/2013 | $48.84 | zgraviss
12/13/2013 | $175.10 | Bobby180
12/12/2013 | $61.39 | NUTTERSDOG
12/12/2013 | $134.29 | SanchezDrty
12/11/2013 | $332.06 | appleguy3
11/27/2013 | $143.82 | DLiles
11/26/2013 | $51.81 | mlark9191
11/24/2013 | $37.89 | Tambopm
11/24/2013 | $294.24 | wegn0059
11/24/2013 | $97.86 | Scjdirac
11/23/2013 | $154.02 | Fishbot
11/19/2013 | $107.43 | Justlearning
11/17/2013 | $24.40 | telcom
11/17/2013 | $206.80 | Glen1925
11/15/2013 | $385.43 | onlinebattle
11/11/2013 | $144.48 | okdrewok