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Great DealDash wins

Day Dreaming with DealDash

Great DealDash wins

I’ve been dreaming of a toned body that is at least 50 pounds less and curvy in all the right places. I know that DealDash has many of the things I would like to get me moving.

In my dreams I’m traveling the countryside on a bicycle equipped with a Rand McNally Foris Outdoor GPS device, and recording my travels on a GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition camera. I would end the days in a Northwest Territory oversize sleeping bag, watching the stars overhead until I fall asleep.

Well maybe I should build up to all that travel. Perhaps the home based route would be better for me to start with. I could get one of those personal fitness coaching systems for the Apple iPhone, work out with the Everlast 100 lb C3 Foam Heavy Bag and then follow up with some time on an elliptical machine.

I should bid on that new John Louis Home 16-Inch Deep Woodcrest Closet System I saw on DealDash. I know I’ll need some new clothes after all that weight loss and it would be nice if it was organized.

DealDash Strategy

Now I’m ready to make some of that dream a reality. I’ve got a budget to stick to, know my competition, I’m aware that I have to enter the auction by placing my first bid before cut off time, and I’m prepared to set my bid buddy as soon as the bidding frenzy reduces to just 2 or 3 bidders.

Well I can keep on dreaming about the weight loss and a healthier me but in the meantime I can start with the $114.00 Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer I recently won on I used 28 bids, and won it for just $5.48 and it included free shipping. Now I just need to get past the looking at it stage and actually start using it. 😉

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a Deal Dash customer since August 2013. I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia currently searching for a job as an administrative assistant.


Great outdoor sales on DealDash

Treasures and Bargins On DealDash

Great outdoor sales on DealDash

I am very proud of some recent wins I made on recently and I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about them.

I won the Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner and the Camp Chef Mountain Series Teton 2-Burner Stove. I must say I was so excited to get each item.

Both items are things I really needed for our plans this summer to visit new places with our camper. Both my husband and I are retired and we like to spend some of our time traveling around to enjoy historical sites, going to small towns looking for treasures and taking in the beauty of the great outdoors.

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I won the Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner ($50.00 value) for only $0.77 cents and I won the Camp Chef Mountain Series Teton 2-Burner Stove (value of $63.00) for just $1.39 plus 50% off for a total of $0.69!!

DealDash Auction Wins

Both were fantastic deal dash deals. I cannot be happier with my wins and the absolutely monstrous savings I made!!! I really like bidding on DealDash for the savings but when “Free” or “50% Off” deals are also added, it makes me ecstatic. I cannot think of a better way to spend my money and still get the things I need. Thanks DealDash!!!! You make me happy and I really enjoy shopping with you.

By Victoria L Overton

Bella Dots Coffee Maker Won on DealDash

How You Benefit – Even If You Don’t Play

I have written about winning things on Deal Dash, and using them as gifts for friends or for family. However you can also use them for work, as I did with one of my wins, a purple coffee maker by Bella Dots.

Bella Dots Coffee Maker Won on DealDash

Since I have a Keurig coffee maker in my home, I did not need to have this coffee maker. I actually only bid on it, because a family member needed a new coffee maker. When I won this, I showed it to him, and offered it as a gift. He said, because it was not programmable he did not want it (I know it was actually because of the girly purple color).

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Now I was stuck with a coffee maker that I really did not need or want. Since I only paid a few dollars for it, I was willing to put it away for a house-warming or wedding present. However, I came up with a great idea for the coffee maker.

Like many companies, my company uses generic coffee, which after my first morning cup of good Keurig coffee switching to that is like switching to tar. That’s when I remembered my perfectly good brand new coffee maker sitting in my closet. I “donated” my coffee maker to my work. Now there is a small group of coffee drinkers, who chip in for “good coffee” that we enjoy on the purple coffee maker I won from Deal Dash.

What are some of the ways you’ve used your DealDash winnings? 

By Erica Baughman

over the moon

Misconceptions About

over the moon

Ahhh…. DealDash …my favorite place to shop for deals, savings, a great experience, and fun!

I have been a loyal DealDash customer for 2 years and have won over 300 auctions. I am over-the-moon happy with the company, the products, and the support team! It always annoys me when I read comments or articles that are anti DealDash. I am always compelled to put in my two cents worth.
For those of us who take the time to understand how DealDash works and develop strategies, read the articles, and study the tips on the DealDash site, we know that those anti DealDash scam reviews are incorrect.
If you are a wise and informed bidder, your experience can be nothing but the best. With that said, please take the time to educate yourself so that we all get the best deal and best experience on DealDash possible. Don’t bid with your emotions… bid with your brain 🙂
DealDash Auction Blast

Secret to BIG Auction Blasts

At least once or twice a month Deal Dash does a promotion in which hundreds of auctions go off all at the same time. This is a fun way to win some great items, however don’t walk away empty-handed, here’s my secret which has helped me win.

DealDash Auction Blast

When a BIG auction blast is coming up, I take my time to go through the items and mark the ones I want to go for. I even open up the top three in separate windows on my computer, so I can easily jump back and forth between them. However the problem is, there are so many auctions, more people tend to use the bid buddy, which can make it a bit more difficult to win.

With three or four hundred auctions going off at once it is nearly impossible to watch them all. My secret is to go thru the auction and find the items that are on their multiple times. I guarantee if you mark one item, and bid on it, and do not win, the same exact item was probably on auction, and went for the price you would have wanted pay.

However do not get carried away, make sure to stay focused. I will put my automatic bids in each item, but I sit and watch how the bidding is going to go. I never put more than ten automatic bids in the same item, because I would rather put all of my bids in one item. I have a better chance of winning. But even with that said, others will come into the auction, and some will stay in both auctions. So it really can be just the luck of the draw. Maybe you happen to get into an auction where there are only two other automatic bidders, and they each only put a few bids in, and are busy watching the other auctions. In this case you can win some great items for a great price on

By Erica Baughman