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Reflections of my 2014 year on DealDash

As I look around and try to figure out where the last year has gone, I ponder what other bidders are thinking about when they choose to bid on DealDash.

A lot of people see different commercials (I personally have only seen one) that entice them to try online auctions and win great items like TV’s and iPads, etc. Many others, though, are looking for a form of recreation while sitting at their computers, laptops, and now even their phones. In a way we are all taking a chance at getting a deal. So, I wonder what the other bidders have as motivation to bid on auctions.

I have bid on many sites and found DealDash to be the most honest, and fair. I used to bid on other sites where the bidding goes on for hours and there are no block outs. So, if you set your bid count to 200 (by the way you can’t stop the bids on auto for these other sites) and others join in after the price is up high, you know you have lost the auction and will not be able to get your bids back with a buy-it-now option. This is why I choose to play on DealDash, which is different.

When I have won my six auctions for the week, I still look at the other sites to see if I might be tempted to buy bids with them and try again. However, what really stops me is the fact I know the shipping costs are really high and their buy-it-now option is horrible. Shipping is also much slower than what you’ll get with DealDash and the customer service on other sites cannot come close to what DealDash has going.

This Christmas season, which is always a very busy time for any site, it does not seem to have slowed any of my win or buy it now items from being delivered on time. Thanks DealDash for a great 2014, I am looking forward to an even greater 2015!


Dine out on DealDash

Make Special Dinner Event Choices Easy

Figuring out what to eat for our Christmas Eve dinner or even a special New Years Eve dinner, my family has to take into consideration several children’s appetites and adult likes and dislikes too.

As my daughter was planning her menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, she decided Christmas Day was a lot easier to plan since there would only be a small group of five for dinner.  Christmas Eve, however, was a little more complicated. We have 5 children and 6 adults to feed with a lot of different tastes.  With a new daughter in law and three children, it is a little harder to know just what type of meal to serve.

My grandsons love the Olive Garden.  They will eat just about anything on the menu.  I have gone to the Olive Garden for years and I enjoy the soup, salad, and bread sticks.  My son-in-law, the real Italian, likes the lasagna and spaghetti with meat balls.  The Fetuccini Alfredo is a family favorite too.  Knowing I had won several Darden Restaurant cards on DealDash, I offered to buy the Christmas Eve meal for all 11 of us.

dinner on dealdash

The Olive Garden is offering a discount if you order your catering menu early.  So, armed with my won and bought gift cards to the Darden Restaurants we were able to order early, get a nice discount, and feed all 11 of us for a little more than $100!  The assistant manager was very helpful in making sure we got the best discount for our money.  The Olive Garden is known for its fast and friendly service and now we know if you order from the catering menu they are equally fast and friendly!

DealDash has saved me a lot of money this past year since I was able to win some nice Darden Restaurant cards or buy them if I didn’t win and get my bids back to try again.  The way I look at it, if I can win a $25.00 card and save some money or buy a $25.00 card and get my bids back to try again, I am ahead.  Thanks DealDash for having such a great selection of gift cards!

I have managed to save a lot of items and gift cards that I received from DealDash and which can used for myself or given as gifts to others.

Ask Questions

9 Questions To Ask Before Bidding

I recently won a 2000 bid back. Shortly thereafter I won a 800 bid pack and right after that a Dual Zone Thermal Electric Wine Cooler. Wow! The Wine cooler I won for .53 cents! How does that happen? Here are 9 questions I learned to ask before bidding.

So here it was on Friday and I had already won 3 items over $200 and I had nearly reached my 6 win limit for items valued under $200. Over the weekend I ended up winning a frozen castle for my friend’s daughter birthday gift, which was really cool. My reset day was on Monday and I could hardly wait!!!

Monday came and I learned a very valuable lesson!

I discovered something happens when you win large bid packs. For a moment I felt like I could bid on anything and everything, and I did! My thought was, well I have over 2000 bids I’m sure to win something!! And really I won the bid pack for a decent price so I’m really not out anything if I don’t win.

My lesson to myself

Just because you may have a lot of bids (2000 is a lot for me) you should really pay attention to what and how many bids you are using. I was placing bids in bid buddy on so many random items I wasn’t able to keep up with it! I found myself bidding on bid packs to make up for the bids I lost. Spending way to many bids and just being plain out frivolous with them! On Friday I was on top of the world, seemed like I could win anything! What is happening now? This is what I learned.

  • DON’T place bids frivolously on many items at once, as it will use up your bids quickly.
  • DO have a focus on one or two items you really want.

Don’t get me wrong, I won a few items that were great but the amount of bids I used in many other auctions (things I didn’t need or want) was crazy! I surprised myself how I went through so many bids without paying attention.

Here are 9 questions I learned to ask before bidding.

So what I learned is regardless of how many bids you have you still need to do your research. These are the questions to ask yourself before you enter you bids into bid buddy.

1. Do I want the item?
2. How many bidders are there?
3. Who is bidding? Learn screen names and avoid the bidders who tend to go all the way to BIN.
4. Check the winners list. I also check the recent 2000 and 5000 bid pack winners.
5. Once again do I really want the item?
6. Is there another auction coming up soon of the same item? Can I wait?
7. Watch the auction closely.
8. Am I willing to BIN if I cannot win?
9. If it’s a one per user auction how much does the item typically go for?

If I asked myself these 8 questions I believe I would have made better choices in determining what auctions to bid on. I had fun, but I wish I would have done things a little bit different! This is my personal experience and I have done it a few times since. I am hoping that from my experience I could help a new person.

By hunnybee3983

Ask Questions

brand new deals on DealDash

Great Deals on Great Brands

Deal Dash is great fun! The variety of items that you can bid on are countless and they are great quality brand named items as well.

I have won several items on DealDash, two of the items being an iPad and a Microsoft Surface tablet. They came directly from a well known store, not a private seller. They were brand new, not irregular, refurbished, or second hand! They were shipped to me within a couple of days too!

You also get the full warranties with items that actually need them. I had a problem with the Surface about 10 months after winning it. I contacted the retailer and then Microsoft about the issue and within 7 days I got a brand new Surface!  That being said it shows that the DealDash products are not only easy to win but are stood behind by their manufacturers which makes it even more fun to win!

The Surface was also won on a free auction day and the iPad was won during a 50% off auction!  Deal Dash is a fair, honest and trustworthy site. You do not have to worry about getting “taken” either. I have had bid problems a time or two, very minor, but when I contacted the staff at Deal Dash it was rectified immediately just with a simple email and explanation of the situation, them checking my account and it was done! The staff is there to help you so that you can continue to have fun with it.

It does take a little bit of time to figure out a strategy to get you bidding successfully, although It is not too hard to learn at all. If you do not have time “actively” watch the auction you can always set bids on your “bid buddy” which will bid for you while you are away and bid no more than what you want to bid; it just does it so you do not have to sit, wait and watch.  If you win it will tell you that you won when you return, which of course is a great surprise if upon your return you see that you won!

In closing, I think everyone should give DealDash a try, it is a great experience!

By sdaganhardt

brand new deals on DealDash


How About Them Apples

This past September my daughter told me that she was going apple picking but didn’t know how she was going to carry all the apples and her 3 year old son after walking and picking apples.  

I thought about it and then I saw a Mac Sports folding wagon in red of all colors (my grandson’s favorite color) come available on  So I decided to bid on it and was able to win after spending 278 bids valued $36.14 and the final sales price was 1 cent due to a “free auction” day. Therefore I paid $36.15 which is about a 70% discount on a fantastic folding wagon that hold up to 200 pounds.  My daughter was thrilled and it rolled very easy over the grass and with all the apples and my grandson fit in the wagon.  Now my daughter uses the wagon to go food shopping and when the baby gets tired he can be towed in the wagon also. Red Wagon on DealDash

My strategy when bidding on DealDash is to watch how people bid and see whether they are single bidders or if they are using their BidBuddy and in for the long haul.  I always use BidBuddy because it helps me keep in budget and doesn’t let me get carried away with emotional bidding. Also I believe that if you really want an item, you have to be willing to “buy it now” so that you get your bids back which you can use again later for something else.  I purchased a lot of items on DealDash using the Buy it Now to get my bids back and I have also won over 70 items. When shopping like this I feel it is a win-win situation.

If you’re going to play, DealDash is the best online place to bid, win and have fun shopping!

By Joinlives