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Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron

Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron, Style it Up

Get ready to give your look a new model style makeover with the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron.

This little gem has 30 distinct heat settings to cover all needs regardless of the hair type or preferences. The Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron has a conveniently placed rocker switch so you can easily distinguish if the appliance is on or off.

Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron

This iron is not like the rest; it’s completely professional style and only takes about 30 seconds to heat up so it’s perfect for women on the go. The Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron is one of the most effective beauty appliances you’ll find and is made from only the highest quality parts.

The tourmaline ceramic barrels are able to give your hair a healthy look and shine without the feeling of being fried. You can use the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron on large chunks of hair for excellent results. The beauty is you can use any or all of the three jumbo barrels depending on your own personal preferences.

There is a quick locking ring so you can store the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron fast and make transporting it simple and easy.

DealDash carries the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron and other beauty appliances and items so you can count on always getting what you need. There isn’t a more efficient curling iron on the market and it shows by its popularity which is quickly spreading to professional salons and for home use as well.

Getting that look and feel of a glamour model is only possible with high quality products and appliances and with the Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron you can count on a pro look and feel from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron

And with the handy travel option you can take your Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron anywhere and everywhere. If you’ve been searching for a curling iron, beauty supplies or other home appliances head over to DealDash today and check it out along with other items they have available.

The site is easy to use and always provides a 100% money back guarantee.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill, Heat Things Up

Even though summer is on its way there will still be plenty of chances to you the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill

April showers and other springtime storms will call for several days of cooking inside. When the time comes to cook inside you may as well have a Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill so you can still cook great tasting food.

The indoor grill is excellent at cooking just about anything. You can easily grill up chicken, fish or beef as well as pork and lamb. Veggies and potatoes come out extra delicious with the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill, making it one of the most versatile cooking appliances available.

The cool-touch handles make for easy moving and the non-stick surface makes for fast cleaning after a meal. The entire appliance breaks down and disassembles for safe and effective trips to the dishwasher.

The whole Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill measures in at a massive 20 ¾” wide by 14” deep so you know you have room for even the biggest steaks. This wonderful piece of kitchen equipment is ideal for burgers and other family favorites.

DealDash brings you the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill and other useful kitchen appliances from one convenient source.

The grill also boasts a full range of safety features to ensure any kids will be safe. It’s a sleek and elegant design that is ideal for any modern home and its kitchen. The grill heats quickly and cleans quick making meals fast and efficient when the time calls for it.

Since it’s a non-stick grill, there are several health benefits, you don’t have to use excessive amounts of oil like you do during frying and grilling is naturally a much healthier method of cooking all the way around.

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill

The all black color is universal to match any kitchen and add another depth of luxury and class. The Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill is the perfect gift for any chef and makes an excellent addition to any kitchen.

If you’d like to find out more about the Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill, head over to DealDash and take a look for yourself. There are dozens of handy household items, and remember there is a money back guarantee at all times.


Magisso’s Ice Bucket

The Magisso products really are designer pieces that can be showcased in anyone’s kitchen or dining room.  Made in Finland,  the unique styling offers the owner an opportunity to show their good taste in design.

Magisso’s ice bucket is one of particular interest to me. It has a unique finish that allows the owner to write in chalk across the face of the bucket. The message can be erased and another one written for your next occasion.

MagissoFurthermore, along with the other Naturally Cooling Ceramic barware the Magisso ice bucket can be chilled by running cold water over it for a couple of minutes. This will keep your ice ready for your summer beverages or keep your bottled water cold on a warm summer day. You really cannot appreciate how attractive Magisso’s ice bucket is until you see it yourself. The design of the lid with the crease in the top for your tongs to fit in is unique as well. Once again, DealDash has given their bidders an opportunity to own exceptional items through their auction site.


I had been looking at the auctions for the Magisso ice buckets for a week or so when I decided the time was right to try to win one of the auctions. I actually tried a few times to win the ice bucket for my daughter. She entertains a lot in the spring and summer and she has not had a nice ice bucket for a couple of summers. This was going to be a surprise gift for her. Since the Magisso ice bucket is expensive I was not going to try to use the Buy-it-Now option. So, after two attempts and not winning the auction, I was successful on my third try. I won the auction for a selling price of only $1.47! I was so excited to win and could not wait to receive my package.

Unfortunately, the shipper was not as careful as they should have been and my item arrived in pieces. I was really upset and contacted customer service about returning the ice bucket and getting a new one.  As has been my previous experience I heard from customer service right away, they sent me a return shipping label to be used on the package. In this particular case I needed to pay the shipping to return the item and they would send me another Magisso ice bucket. However, when I returned the item as instructed and sent DealDash a copy of my shipping receipt. Not only have I received the new item, but I also received a refund for my shipping costs. How can someone not be happy with DealDash and their excellent customer service?

I have written blogs regarding the customer service at DealDash since I had some issues with other auction sites. Since I have been a DealDash bidder since 2012, I haven’t had an occasion where the DealDash Customer Service was not exceptional.

Thin King

Thin King keeps your cards secure

DealDash has a way of providing innovative items before you are even aware they are available!  Somehow the development staff has a way of finding new products to offer for auction on DealDash before a customer even knows such an item exists.  This is especially true of the Thin King.

Thin King is a case for credit/debit or ID cards, or other similarly sized cards. It is lightweight and holds up to 4 cards. The design is stylish and appropriate for both men and women to carry.

Thin King

Recently on a local Chicago network, a special investigative report showed the latest technology thieves were using to scan credit, debit and ID cards with electronic devices. This was most newsworthy since all consumers have been on alert about identity theft, and breaches of secure systems when you are using your credit/debit and ID cards for purchases and health care. Huge health care providers have had their health care records breached and millions of people are at risk of having their personal information used by scam artists.

When I saw the auction for the Thin King card cases on DealDash, I knew this was something I would want to have. The anodized aluminum on this Thin King blocks RFID scanners and Skimmers from penetrating to personal information on your debit, credit and ID cards. Knowing this is the best way to prevent theft of my personal information I immediately tried to bid on these card holders.

Thin King

First I tried to win the silver Thin King, which is quite eye catching, but unfortunately I was not successful. I was determined to win one so I tried again, this time on the case that appeared to be black in color. I won the auction and was thrilled to get it at a 50% off on the won value! The card case arrived a few days ago and I was impressed with the color, it is not a bland black but an attractive color that fits well in my purse. I am able to put my three cards into the case and I have started using this immediately. I liked this so much that I bid on another auction, this was silver, and I was able to win the silver one too. I am giving this to my son-in-law for his use. He travels much more than I do and I know he will be grateful to have a Thin King.

Thin King

The Volver Thin King is made of anodized aluminum and has a coating to help prevent discoloration and makes it super strong. Moreover, the inside of the case is designed such that it allows you to keep only one card inside and not be afraid of having it fall out. The coating, aluminum, and insides keep the cards protected and the magnetic strip on the backs are not affected in any way. Again, a great product from DealDash and something all consumers can use.

Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter, Extreme Fun for All

When was the last time you enjoyed a ride on a high-powered Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter?

It’s important to have fun every now and then and if you have children, they are gonna love this thing. It’s fun, it’s quick and it’s suitable for the whole family. The Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter is top of the line when it comes to excitement and quality products. There isn’t a kid on earth that won’t have a blast with one of these durable little machines.

C:\Users\Hank Klinger\Pictures\dealdash\today\Evo_Powerboards_2x_50cc_Scooter.png

For those of you who are tech hungry, the Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter has host of highly advanced reasons it shines above the rest. For example, a tough reinforced frame, a front end cam-link suspension and a top speed of 25-30 miles all help to take this wonderfully manufactured vehicle to the next level above the competition.

Other options you may find attractive are an optional quick release seat, tough knobby tires on front and back and a two-speed gear box with thumb shifter. Yep, when you see one of these go, it’s easy to see the time spent in design and manufacturing. The Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter is a step above the rest and fun for the whole family.

Along with all the above benefits, the scooter weighs in at a sturdy 58 pounds. The weight is perfectly balanced to keep you grounded while still being light enough to maneuver and handle for anyone.

The disk brakes guarantee that anyone riding can stop on the drop of a hat, and the weight allowance of 265 pounds means it’s safe for most members of the family to ride.

Your kids will love having fun with the Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter. Whether they’re heading to school or going to the corner store to get a pop, they’ll be glad they have one of these babies to get them there and back safely.

Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter

DealDash carries the Evo Powerboards 2x 50cc Scooter as well a full range of other fun items for entertainment. They also give a guarantee on all products, so I suggest you head on over and check out what they have to offer. You’ll be happy you took the time and may find yourself as the proud new owner of a Evo Powerboards 2x50cc Scooter.