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DealDash Experience: Lilianne’s Deals and Savings!

“I joined DealDash almost two years ago. At the time I had no idea how penny auctions worked but I decided to give it a try, and I’m very happy that I did”.

Written by Lilianne, DealDash customer since 2013.

I won this Apple iPad mini White & Silver retail price $300.00 for only $60.60!!
I won this Apple iPad mini White & Silver retail price $300.00 for only $60.60!!

My husband was watching TV when I passed by and saw the commercial. It looked interesting so I went to the homepage to see what it was all about. My first win was an official Major League Baseball that my husband proudly has on display in his office, being a huge fan of the sport and all.

My favorite items to bid on are outdoor equipment and kitchen appliances for my home. I would like to see even more of them up for auction! One of the best things of DealDash is the way they deal with their customers. I can only say good things about DealDash Customer Support. The whole team is very helpful and professional. They’re always ready to go the extra mile to solve any issues that I may have, and not to mention the response time is very fast.

I won this Lenovo C440 Touch 21.5-inch Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer valued at 589.00 for only $90.83!!

I won this Lenovo C440 Touch 21.5-inch Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer valued at 589.00 for only $90.83!!

I have won several goods in DealDash, from a KitchenAid Stand Mixer to furniture, and an Xbox 360 for only $7! But so far my favorite has to be the Roomba robot, it’s made cleaning so much easier, I use it every day. I also won a pedal boat for $12, which has provided a lot of entertainment for myself and my family, and I can’t forget to mention my first big win which was a Wii U; this was something my son really wanted, so I was very happy I was able to win it for him. I got so excited when I got home back home and saw the fireworks on the screen that I started to jump like a little kid. At the time I didn’t really know how auctions and savings worked, so I watched a few to familiarize myself, and so far it has paid off!


It’s Time To Think Christmas!

It's Time To Think Christmas!

You must be planning to purchase some gifts around the holidays.  There are only 14 Fridays left until Christmas! DealDash is the first and best place to get started.  Last year I bought or won every gift under my tree from DealDash.

I had so much fun winning the presents, and even more fun giving them.  I started in August.  I kept all my winnings in a box, then I had to move them up to a closet and before I knew it, I won so many gifts I needed an entire room for them.

You can’t wait until the last minute to start holiday bidding, so I suggest you load up on bids NOW and start bidding for others, and it won’t hurt to think of yourself too

I started small, a tea pot for her and a watch for him, before I knew it I had a set of bake ware for my daughter in law, a couple of electric razors for the new guys in the family and even the tree to put it all under!

As you decide to start winning, the first thing to do is go shopping, Check all the auctions coming for the next 24 hours and tag then.  Watch the auctions and see where they end.  You can check the average closing price when you are logged out of Deal Dash.

As my season progressed, I went on to win a couple of irons, some binoculars, a double sided light up mirror, a grill set and several Wal Mart cards where I went to buy gifts, wrapping paper and more decorations.

First,  Go Shopping at DealDash! Set your sites on items you plan to buy, then  set your bid buddy and be prepared to save big!.  Throughout August Deal Dash will be offering discounted bids for .12, .13 .14, and .15 cents! On August 8-9 you can get free wins at DealDash. For every item you win the final sales price is ZERO! All items are SHIPPED FREE.  Going to DealDash beats going to the mall any day, all day long!


Written by Donna Lee

Written by Donna Lee

Entertainment in the Modern Day

The gaming sector has seen incredible development in recent times. Even the show business area looks light in contrast. Commonly, we’ve seen games being established after films. Current market trends have several movie makers creating adjustments of video games knowing they will certainly be a foolproof hit at the box workplace. But why are we seeing such trends? One could direct their attention towards the evolution of the TV and also the increased need for high quality residence entertainment.


Television has seen among the best advances in modern technology over the last few years. High-definition televisions as well as Plasma TV’s have the technologically-savvy drooling. As well as it’s because of the development of these that several furnishings suppliers are taking the initiative to make the home electronics system something to look at. For many of us, the best sensation comes from a specific event on TV, the game-winning overtime shot throughout the major sporting events, or seeing other highlights that bring excitement.

Showing to be among one of the most helpful from the advent of High-Def as well as Plasma TELEVISION’s is the video gaming industry. In the last few years, we’ve seen the birth of such next-generation video gaming systems such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and also Nintendo Wii. These systems have taken the globe like a tornado, with over 3 quarters of the homes throughout North America, Europe, and Asia possessing at the very least one of the 3 systems listed above.

And also is it any kind of marvel why these systems are the “Must-haves” for any sort of teen or young person? Not really when you think about it. For lots of players, for years they’ve wished to see their video games come to life, and also with the engines these systems are equipped with, the graphics are so practical that it could be as near the real world as they’ll ever get. Probably they have actually wanted to belong to the video game, acting as the primary hero in the story, or in fact driving the car. Get in the Nintendo Wii – a system that makes use of a push-button control as an outer tool that functions as your very own individual sword, guiding wheel, golf club, etc. and so on. So just what does this mean for the state of the house entertainment system? A significant jump sought after for top quality entertainment centers, big-screen systems, and/or various other home movie theater systems.

Staying up to date with this demand, several furnishings suppliers are creating house entertainment centers as their top line of product, as they also want to be part of the house amusement sensation. In today’s marketplace, it is not unusual to see a large option of cinema as well as corner systems, amusement armoires, TV stands and cupboards, and also various other home theater furnishings from your local store or on-line store. Deal Dash has all a person could need to set up an amazing entertainment center.

We have currently entrusted the development of pc gaming, incorporated with state-of-the-art entertainment furniture. Just what does that make? Residence home entertainment for the 21st century. A state where our lives are being fulfilled by astounding quality in the video games we play and the films we watch and obvious fun when delighting our guests.


The advancement of the TV has undoubtedly for life transformed the overview on contemporary home entertainment. With it, we are once more seeing our living-room as a haven where fun and also home entertainment lives. High definition as well as plasma televisions, future generation video gaming, and also top quality home television room are the future of residence theater. This is home enjoyment for the 21st century!

DealDash has a ton of great electronics and pieces of furniture that could be used to set up a home entertainment system. Just head on in to the DealDash website and see what you can find.

DealDash Interior Design Tips

Few people understand the importance of proper decorating in the interior of the home. It is a well-known fact that a great looking house is the combination of good strategy, well enhanced interiors and nicely sustained outsides. It is not just cost effective but likewise eternally true that with a little bit of knowledge and time a person can alter their entire home. Though indoor decorating suggestions can be successfully done with a little creativity, you don’t have to be an expert to produce the effect.


Enliven your interiors with the beauty as well as scent of fresh flowers. Their all-natural appeal and frequently the organic aroma that has them are terrific reasons for having a lot of them around your house. Whether as bouquets or in floral arrangements over your threshold they at once lighten up your residence as well as are additionally auspicious elements in the residence. Various other pointers is that you could make your interiors vibrant as well as vivid with ethnic decoration. For example, you might do up your sitting area interiors in Greek design. Therefore, make a decision the motif for your interior design and purchase the product accordingly. DealDash has a full range of items you can use to beautify your home.

For indoor embellishing objective, one could obtain textiles that are easy on the pocket as well as have a long lasting allure. Great looking furniture can be made with budget friendly fabric as well. When picking fabrics, adopt those that are easy on the eye. The themes ought to preferably not of a dominating nature or as overpowering. Rather they should have a traditional, classic feel regarding them. For example, paisleys, stripes or floral will certainly never go out of style. More and more light and also neutral shades in drapes and upholstery are becoming highly valued, although they could ask for more journeys to the dry cleaners. Cost effective fabrics include 100 percent cotton threads, cotton and also silk blends, voile, thin as well as thick review, as well as particular kinds of synthetic thread, like polyester or polyester blends with soft surfaces. Utilizing them artistically is what creates the best atmosphere

Lastly, a great tip for the enhancement and best presentation of the interior is strict design. Present your artifacts in style to produce an elegant environment. This is because, presentation makes all the distinction. For that concern, an art work might simply be a print or a poster however when appropriately framed as well as displayed it spells style to your interior decoration.


If you’re looking for some great items to decorate your home with, head in to the DealDash website and see what you can find. There are a ton of great items on sale you can get for a great price.

Stock Your Man Cave with DealDash

A man cave, to those that are unfamiliar with the latest terms, is the area where a male considers his personal domain, within his family members residence. Legit man caves are awesome and can be the unfinished basement, exterior shed, separated garage area, or the bonus space of his home. The macho name is in reference to old 90’s television shows like Home Improvement.

man cave

Man caves that are quality have become quite prominent from the standpoint of decor as well as the customizing of the domain with the most recent electronics, game tables, as well as various other manly furniture. These “caverns” have come to be a style statement for the male types.

As male teenagers of the 70’s, we would hangout in the unfinished basement of my buddies moms and dads property where all the parties, meetings, as well as after institution get together s occurred, and when our dates were over, we would ultimately return to the initial pre-man cavern, basement location, after our days, to really enjoy the weekend break, male bonding. Where doing stupid stunts, spotting, smoking and blowing our smoke up the smokeshaft, and doing some minor consuming of food and drink, were a few of the remarkable points we did in the basement.

A present day manly house is one that requires more modern and also sophisticated displays of the male ability in decorating his guy cavern, yet sustaining the masculine touches when all is said and also done.

A normal cave domain will certainly have neon lights, sports heroes, mounted of course, and a bar, as opposed to the straightforward cooler with iced down brews. A location marked for captivating the guys and the devices and toys men play with is the essence of a man cave.

The man’s assigned room is about individualizing the area the man has actually been offered to himself to decorate based on his individual passions as well as to show his proud tools, toys, and then TV. No domain is ever full without having accessibility to sporting events, so incorporating a good size flat or big screen TV is the mark of an exceptional cave residence. A location where you know all it takes, is to place the word out; ‘Attention Calling All Men – New Man Cave For Hang Out’, and then your macho cavern will certainly be hosting numerous cavemen over for a few brews.

man cave

Now that you know what a man cave is and what it needs, head on in to DealDash and see what you can find to stalk yours.