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DealDash Tip – BidBuddy and how to use it.

Hello DealDashers!  I am back again this week to answer a very common question that members have about DealDash.  What Is BidBuddy ?

BidBuddy is a very underutilized tool used for bidding on DealDash.  Mainly because people do not know what it is or how it works and the advantages that it can be used for to help them win more auctions.

When you go to the item that you are interested in bidding on, under the Timer, you will see the “Bid Now” yellow bar.  This allows you to make one bid at a time.  Below the “Bid Now”  — Read full post

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Is My Privacy Protected on

Hello DealDashers, I am back to answer yet another question for you today about DealDash.  This is very important to know for all DealDashers, so I hope you take this question seriously. “Is My Privacy Protected?”. 

Actually DealDash does a pretty good job in keeping your privacy protected.  They do not allow you to directly contact other bidders on their website.  People cannot post random comments during the auctions.  People cannot lookup your account information and DealDash does not share your email or other personal information.

Here you can read more about DealDash’s privacy policy:

So is your  — Read full post

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Lost The Auctions Did Not Get Bids Back…Why?

Hello DealDashers!  Today we are going to address another common question frequently asked by new DealDash members.

” I did not win and did not get my bids back… why?”

When bidding on DealDash, regardless of whether or not you win or lose, no one gets their bids back automatically,  so using your bids wisely is very important.  You must formulate a good strategy so you are not furiously wasting your bids.  Once you use a bid it is gone.

There is, however, one way for you to get your bids back.  If you lose the auction and you  — Read full post

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How Do You Know When The Auction Will End?

Hey there fellow DealDashers! This is the first of my weekly series where I will be answering your questions or frequently asked questions about DealDash. Your questions can be directly submitted to me for consideration at my personal blog DealDashNews. Please be aware that this is a once a week series and all questions may not be able to be answered that are submitted.

A very common question submitted to DealDash is, “How do you know when the auction will end?”. The simple answer to that question is, You Don’t. Basically, when people stop bidding the DealDasher  — Read full post