How Do You Know When The Auction Will End?

Hey there fellow DealDashers! This is the first of my weekly series where I will be answering your questions or frequently asked questions about DealDash. Your questions can be directly submitted to me for consideration at my personal blog DealDashNews. Please be aware that this is a once a week series and all questions may not be able to be answered that are submitted.

A very common question submitted to DealDash is, “How do you know when the auction will end?”. The simple answer to that question is, You Don’t. Basically, when people stop bidding the DealDasher with the highest bid at the time that everyone else stops bidding will win the auction for that item. So if it is an item you want and you see the auction winding down it might be a good time for you to step into the auction and start bidding so you do not get shut out and lose your opportunity to win the item when everyone else decides to stop bidding. Here are some examples that might help you to be able to identify when an auction is winding down.

  • ¬†Auction gets down to only three bidders continuous making bids and no one else is bidding.
  • Auction gets down to the last two people who have been going back and forth bidding with each other for a while.
  • Price of the item is getting high compared to its value. An item that retails for $50.00 is most likely not going to sell for the face retail value.
  • Research and see what this item has sold for before. That should give you info to know when the item you are bidding on is closing in on the price it most often sells for. This is very easy to do on big ticket items such as computers and TV’s, as it is listed when you go in and view the item you are wanting to bid on.

Remember to use BidBuddy to your advantage when you see an auction winding down. This will help prevent you from not getting your bid in on time and losing to another DealDasher simply because you forgot to push the “Bid Now” button in time.

Hope this is helpful in answering this question for you “How do you know when the auction will end?”. Will see you next week with more answers to your questions. So now head on over to DealDash for some competitive bidding! Also, don’t forget to visit my personal blog, DealDashNews to read other helpful blog entries and submit your questions.

You won the auction!

Gus -aka-naskippy