Newbies on DealDash – What you need to know

I’m a huge DealDash fan and have been lucky enough to win several auctions while having a great time doing it. There are some very important “tips” I think new “bidders” should know about before jumping right into an auction. First of all, everyone loves DealDash, but the people who REALLY love DealDash know how to play the game. is an online retail site, however in my opinion a gambling game; just like being in a real auction.

DealDash Newbie TipsSo Newbies, remember these tips:

• If you’re bidding on something worth $10, don’t spend $9 worth of bids to win an auction for $4, i.e., you’ve actually lost $3.

• Learn how to use BidBuddy! Too many newbies have no idea about BidBuddy, and they sit at their computer and just hit the “BID” button every time someone else bids. You end up throwing away all your bids and old timers like me are screaming at the computer screen trying to tell you to stop and learn how to bid reasonably with BidBuddy.

• In addition, you have a chance to win free bids the longer you’re the high bidder on an item. When you jump someone, i.e., bidding right after someone else has bid, you’re taking away the time they’re the high bidder. It only makes people mad while you’re wasting bids.

• Remember, DealDash will often give away items for free, which means that camera you just bid on and won for $50 is now yours for free! EXCEPT, for the bids you used to get it. And when things are free, people have the tendency to bid MUCH, MUCH higher on an item because when they win, they don’t have to put out any cash for it. But boy, the bids that are spent are enormous….beware! This happens even when DealDash gives things away at 50% off.

• If you want to win, you really need to keep an eye on the auction. I don’t bid when there’s 8-9 other people bidding….I wait until it’s down to 2 or 3 bidders.

• We all love that feeling of winning an auction, and some people will actually bid enormous amounts of bids, just to win the auction. Even if it means bidding more bids than what the item is worth. Beware of these people.

• Finally, the number one tip and thing to remember, ONLY BID ON SOMETHING YOU REALLY WANT, AND BE PREPARED TO PAY FOR IT AFTERWARD IF YOU DON’T WIN! We often get so excited about winning an auction, we’ll bid on something we’ll never use or know what to do with it. I’ve done it…..I won a vegetable cutting board, and I don’t even cook!!

So newbies, enjoy DealDash! It’s fun, it’s addicting, it’s a great way to get valuable gifts……only if you use your head. Good bidding!!!