Don’t forget to PAY for your WON & BIN items!

Check your Dashboard Often!

It does not matter if you have Won or Lost, this one simple task of paying for a win or to get your bids back can be forgotten.  I can’t say this happens to everyone, but it does happen and Yes.. I’ve done this big boo boo before!

Forgetting to pay for your won items is something you just don’t want to do.  Not only will you NOT get the item but your bids will not be refunded to you either.  It’s your responsibility to remember to pay DealDash for the items you won.   They won’t remind you via email, but there is a countdown in your dashboard!

DealDash gives you 16 days after you win an item to pay for it.  This is because not everyone has that extra cash right at the moment of winning to pay the final price especially if it’s a larger amount.  It’s nice to have that two week window for the next paycheck to come in to pay for your wins if you need it.

However this window can also be forgotten and unless you check your dashboard under the Items Won List and make sure DealDash shows everything paid… You may find an item or two expired and you out of luck.

Don’t forget to check your dashboard every time you log in, that’s what I do…. and Pay for anything won before they expire on you….

Buy It Now items too!

Oh and let’s not forget about those items you lost but would like to pay for and get all your bids returned to your account.

BIN = Buy It Now!

You need to pay for these items within 1 week to receive those goodies!

CAUTION when using a Credit Card directly during checkout!

DealDash accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.   I use PayPal for all my transactions with DealDash.  You may want to make a note when using one of your major credit cards at checkout.  When I first started out at DealDash I used my credit cards directly at checkout, then I noticed small additional charges on one of my statements.   I asked my bank about that extra fee.   My bank told me those are fees that are charged by the individual card and not the bank or DealDash.   It’s an additional international fee to use one of those cards by Visa and MasterCard.  I’ve not used my AMEX directly so I’m not sure if they charge this extra fee but just be aware you may incur an additional small fee to use those cards when paying for your items at checkout.

This is the reason I ONLY use PayPal to pay for my wins and bins.  If you don’t have a PayPal account I encourage you to get one.  You may already know that PayPal allows you to save all these cards into your account so if you want to use any of those cards, you can and PayPal will NOT charge you any fees to do so.   It’s also a great way to keep track of my spending.  PayPal allows you to view all your transactions with DealDash in one place, regardless of which credit card or bank account you use.

Just one of my tips I wanted to share with you today.  Don’t forget to visit with me at for more hints and tips, my very own DealDash Blog and more winners news!

~ LadyK