The Marketplace – A New DealDash feature!

DealDash has continued to expand and today that includes
“The Marketplace”

What is “The Marketplace”?

It’s a place to Earn FREE BIDS while selling things you no longer need.  

It reminds me of a flea market but instead of walking around for hours looking at all the things for sale, its online… Everything up for grabs is in one convenient place and easy to see.   It is a place where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate a price (In Bids) for items that are New or Gently used and no longer needed. 

When you shop at the Marketplace, everything will be laid out for you.   The cost of the item(s) are listed in BIDS, and you’ll get a clear picture of what you’re paying for.   Let’s not forget one of the most asked questions, No Shipping fees!  The seller is responsible for getting that item to you at no additional cost. 

There is “No Obligation to Buy Anything”, you can just Browse –
However, if you love shopping and would like to use your BIDS instead of CASH to pay for some great items, then take a peek at the Marketplace.
New items are being listed everyday. 

Maybe you’d rather sell some things like I did.   

I listed an item and it sold within 24 hours. I barely blinked and I had an email waiting to let me know where I was to ship my item. Once I did and confirmed tracking – the bids were transferred to me.  That had to be the easiest sale ever!   

What to Sell?  New or Gently Used unwanted items.  They don’t have to be from DealDash either.  Do you have a hobby creating jewelry or another craft you think others would enjoy? What about extra items around the house that you really don’t need and someone else could use?
Why not put those items up for sale and Earn some extra free bids by selling them in The Marketplace!   

  • List your item(s)
  • Set your price in BIDS 
  • Wait for someone to buy your item
  • Ship it out with Tracking and get the Bids transferred into your account.   

How easy is that!


As a Buyer:

Buyers can enter the Marketplace anytime.  Browse around and if you see something that interests you – BUY IT with your BIDS!  If you don’t have enough bids in your account there is an option on the page to buy a few more to make your transaction. 

Have a question before the purchase?   No problem, you can ask the seller a question on the products page, located at the end of the Description.   Remember, there is No Obligation to Buy Anything.

As a Seller, you will list your item for sale by creating an AD.   You will create a Title, Category, Description, list the condition ( New or Used ), Set the amount of BIDS you are willing to sell your item for as the PRICE, and add images.   At least ONE REAL photo is required.   Then you will check a box committing to shipping the item to the buyer at your own expense and you need to provide tracking information. 

You will receive a confirmation email for listing your item from DealDash Support. While your items are up for sale, you can adjust the price or add any additional information you like.    If anyone has a question about your item you will be notified by e-mail.   Answering the question quickly and accurately will give a positive impression and may very well help you sell that item. 

You can remove the listed item any time BEFORE a buyer has confirmed their payment in bids.   Once their payment has been confirmed, you will not be able to remove the listing and will be committed to sending the item to the buyer.   DealDash will send you an email with the Name and Address of where the item is to be shipped.   In this email sent from Customer Support is a link to add your tracking information, so don’t delete that email until after you have visited the ENTER YOUR TRACKING information page.   This will then show under your “My Dashboard”. 

That’s It….  

Buyers and Sellers helping each other out in “The Marketplace”…. another avenue in the wonderful world of Entertainment Shopping provided by DealDash.

You can find a link to the Marketplace at the bottom of any page in the footer under Site Links.  

Go visit and see what goodies are up for grabs! 

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~ LadyK