Is My Privacy Protected on

Hello DealDashers, I am back to answer yet another question for you today about DealDash.  This is very important to know for all DealDashers, so I hope you take this question seriously. “Is My Privacy Protected?”. 

Actually DealDash does a pretty good job in keeping your privacy protected.  They do not allow you to directly contact other bidders on their website.  People cannot post random comments during the auctions.  People cannot lookup your account information and DealDash does not share your email or other personal information.

Here you can read more about DealDash’s privacy policy:

So is your privacy protected on Yes it is, however there are some things you can personally do on DealDash to help ensure more privacy as well. As we all know there are some pretty scary people in this world and the last thing you want is some crazy tracking you down because you out bid them or something in an auction. Not that anyone would do that… buy hey, just saying… you never know.

Let’s look at some tips together to keep your information private.

  1. When setting up an account/username on DealDash, I recommend to not use any part of your real name.  If you use the username JaneSmith and that is your real name, everyone now knows who you are.  You then add in your profile that you are from Glencoe, MN.  You now have just set yourself up for possible disaster for some crazy person to try and find you.  Never use as your username any part of your real name!
  2. Never put your home addresses in your profile bio.
  3. Never put telephone/cell phone numbers in your profile bio.
  4. Keep good privacy settings on your Facebook account if you link the service to your account.
  5. Do not disclose detailed information about your family in your profile bio.
  6. I recommend to select one of the generic pictures DealDash has to offer or a random picture you downloaded from the Internet you like such as I did rather than a personal photo of yourself. Using pictures of your dog or cat is okay so long as they cannot identify who you really are. 🙂

I hope these suggestions will help you be safe on DealDash and keep the crazy people of the world from finding out who you really are.  It is always better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes.  You can never be too careful on the Internet these days and I hope you find this safety information for you and families useful. If you have any suggestions to add please do so in the comments below.

Now it is time to start your bidding on DealDash.  Also be sure and stop by my personal Blog called DealDashNews for some more tips on DealDash and other fun and funny Blog entries related to DealDash.  Good Luck Bidding!  Now go be safe and have some fun.