DealDash promotes education through it’s Auctions

My youngest daughter is currently a Sophomore in college. Because she loves to read, I thought it would be nice for her to have a Kindle. DealDash just happened to be having a mega book reader auction blast. What luck! There were 40 auctions, all starting at the same time for various book readers. I knew my daughter really wanted a book reader so I put a bid on all 40 of the auctions, then decided which three or four I would invest in. As the auctions went along I noticed that I was bidding with several of the same bidders in each auction.Won on I watched as I bid. Two different auctions, for the same Kindle Fire, had me and another bidder trading bids, with a couple of bidders jumping in here and there. I knew if he won the other auction, I would have a great chance to capture the other auction. As luck would have it, he won the other auction and therefore was blocked from bidding on the second auction. A couple more bids and it was mine! Victory!

My daughter Loves her Kindle Fire. My original thought was to also buy college books she would need, and download them onto her Kindle. We decided against that, for now. She downloads several books a month for casual reading and Amazon always has free book downloads to choose from. The Kindle Fire has a great battery life so she only charges it every 4-5 days. We bought a cover for it to keep it from getting damaged. With the internet option, my daughter can also connect to a browser, Facebook, and many other favorites. We Love !