Out-of-Season Shopping on DealDash.com ~~~ No Way!

Okay, it’s November, and even in Florida, unless you have a heated swimming pool, the water is a bit nippy to actually go swimming.  So why would I bid on a swimming pool lounger on DealDash.com at this time of year?  If you have read any of my blogs, you must know that almost everything I bid on benefits a rescued cat or dog.

My Cats
Ricki (Left) and Lucy (Right)

I have a 1 ½ year old female cat named Ricki (her sister’s name is Lucy by the way).  Ricki was one of my county shelter foster kittens.  She was, as they say in the business,  a “foster failure.”  She was one of the ones  that was just “So Special” (they ALL are) that we had to keep her and give her a Furever Home.

Ricki is a Russian Blue kitty and is already 15 lbs. at one year old.  From the beginning, Ricki had a very cute and funny fascination with water, no matter the source.   She played in water constantly.  She loved to flip it out of the container or swat the stream in the bathroom sink.  She adores the $69 DrinkWell Pet Water Fountain I won on DealDash.com for $12.27, and swats the flowing stream with her paws.

Won on DealDash.com

Anyway, her latest fascination is with our swimming pool.  She hangs over the side, touches the water surface about 8 inches below, and drinks the water.  I saw a pontoon-type pool lounger auction coming up on DealDash and thought,  “Wow, if Ricki would sit on the lounger while anchored at the side of the pool, she wouldn’t have to lean down so far to play in the water and get a drink .  And, I could take a cool photo or video”!

Won on DealDash.comSo ….. I proceeded to bid on, and win, the Swimways Newporter Lounge during the FREE Promotion for ONE PENNY and Free Shipping!

I’ve been working with Ricki for about a week and so far, she won’t even step on the lounger. A real trainer I’m not!  I’m still trying to lure her 🙂  Perhaps, eventually, I will get that great photo or video with the $799 Nikon 5100 DSLR Camera I won on DealDash.com last December for a mere $19.49!

I have clearly been thrilled with DealDash for over a year now!  The friendliest and most helpful support team and staff I’ve ever come across.  Thanks DealDash for all the fabulous deals I have won and bought on your site!!!

Won on DealDash.com