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One of the most important and valuable tips of advice I can give you when bidding in the auctions on DealDash is to concentrate!

When you decide to bid make sure you focus on what you doing otherwise you may end up hating what happens. Here’s what I mean. You open up and start scanning the auctions to see what’s up for auction. You move a few to your favorite auctions to your bookmark page because it will be a few minutes until they start so you go check your email or Facebook page. You then get caught up with email and go back awhile later and low and behold someone wins the auction for a few pennies! Darn it!
This just happened to me yesterday! What did I learn from this? If you’re going to bid then do it. That’s even what the bookmark page is for after all. To put your favorite auctions on that page so you can check on the auction faster. Also, don’t forget to actually put some bids on what you want also! Yikes, that’s a mistake! Have you made that one before?
Another thing that happens is putting in too few bids in on something. I tried to win a pressure washer half a dozen times but I only put in a few bids and was going to come back later to find it had been sold. If I had only put more bids in chances are I would have won it. I finally put enough bids in on a All America Electric Pressure Washer and finally won. The total cost with ending price and bids was $12.83.  It was valued at $117.00.  Now that’s I call a good deal dash deal.
Use your bookmark page for what it was designed for.  You might just win more auctions.  I will try to not make the same mistake and I hope this article possibly helps someone else to do the same.  Happy Bidding!
Play to Bid Bid to Play on DealDash