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Helpful DealDash TipsHello, fellow bidders.  Thought I would put my 2 cents worth in today.  I have read through most of the tips here and they are quite helpful, so sorry if I repeat anything that has already been said.

One of the first things I learned as a new bidder was to not go “click” crazy.  It is really easy to just keep bidding and not pay attention to how much you are actually spending.  Remember, your total cost of any item is the final sale price, plus the cost of each of the bids you just spent.  So, if you are bidding on a $25 gift card….you used 100 bids (spending 15 cent for each bid) and the final bid price was $15.75…well, you just over paid for that $25 card (100 bids @ .15 ea = $15.00 + $15.75 = $30.75).  You have to factor in the cost of your bids.  It is not a deal if you over pay for an item, just to win something.  Bid smart and research the cost of the items before you bid.  Figure out how much you are willing to spend and go for it, without over-bidding.

There are a lot of people who are only in it for the win and not for the deal.  That drives the prices up for everyone else.  If you are willing to Buy It Now and spend as much as you can, well, it’s your money.  Yes, you get your bids back if you BIN, but please, be fair to the other bidders who are looking for a real deal.

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My advice to new bidders would be to just watch the bidding on certain items that interest you for a few days.  You get a much better feel as to how it works.  You also learn very quickly who the “bad” bidders are.  These are the people who jump your bid without letting the clock run down.  They just don’t seem to understand that they are not intimidating anyone by doing this.  If you watch the clock, and see that there is 9 seconds between people, these people are on Bid Buddy and are not watching you jump their bid, so you aren’t scaring anyone off by doing that.

As I said, bid smart.  Play fair and have fun.  It is so much fun to win something and get a great deal doing it.  I just won a 10 piece set of pots and pans yesterday for my daughter for Christmas.  Here’s the breakdown of my win:  value of set was $149, I placed 33 bids which I paid .15 each for which equals $4.95, the item final bid sale price was $15.47…I paid a total of $20.42 for this $149 set of pots and pans.  Now that’s what I call a deal!

Happy bidding and good luck!