What Should I Buy for Christmas?

Hello DealDashers!  This week I am going to talk about Christmas bidding and answer your question, What Should I Buy for Christmas?

With a shorter than normal holiday season and less Christmas shopping days available to you we see many people already buying gifts for Christmas well ahead of Black Friday.  Also, by using DealDash to purchase many of the gifts you need, you save yourself time, trouble fighting the crowds at the store and save on all the gas you would use driving from store to store.  By shopping on DealDash you avoid all these problems and headaches as you shop in the comfort of your own home.

Remember when shopping on DealDash that shipping is always free.  So there is no extra cost to you simply because you wanted to avoid the crowds at the Malls and retail stores in your area.  Much of the items you purchase on DealDash come from reputable stores such as Sears. DealDash also has a host of various gift cards to pick from.  Stores such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Chili’s, Subway and many others when shopping for those picky or hard to buy for family members.  I have personally purchased two gift cards on DealDash and never had any issues in using them.  And don’t forget the batteries this year mom and dad.  Don’t you hate when your children open up a toy from Santa and there are no batteries.  Your children are crying and you are out running around all over town on Christmas morning trying to find that one store in town that is open so you can get batteries for your child’s new toy?  Disaster!  But DealDash has many batteries to select from.  So don’t forget to put those on your Christmas list of things to buy on DealDash.  Perhaps you wish to purchase larger items for a family gift.  Something like a new TV or Computer.  DealDash has you covered with a wide selection of those big ticket items.

Another thing that is good about shopping on DealDash for Christmas is the Buy It Now option.  Okay, so you did not win the item you were bidding on or the auction continued past your price point.  Just use the Buy It Now option and make the purchase on that item.  You will get all your bids back as well and you get the item you want to purchase.  It is shipped to your door free and still avoid all the crowds at the retail stores.  You then have all your bids back so now you can continue shopping for those other family members and friends on your shopping list.

So sit down and plan your Christmas shopping list and get on DealDash and get your Christmas shopping started today.  Avoid those crowds at the Mall and make your purchases right in the comfort of your own home with a nice cup of hot chocolate while others are out freezing in the cold weather and fighting the crowds that you just avoided by smartly using DealDash!

Gus S./naskippy