Sonic Unleashed, Fast Time Fun

Sonic Unleashed is one of the most widely played and loved games on the Wii Entertainment System.

The game takes place with a ton of new elements and several familiar to the Sonic franchise. For example, Dr. Robotnik is still at it, and creating horrible robots by hunting and capturing the animals of the forest.

sonic unleashed

It’s your duty in Sonic Unleashed to use the Chaos Emeralds and turn Sonic into Super Sonic so you can easily defeat the evil mad Dr. and his cohorts. Like other Sonic games you can expect to run in full speed with a ton of perks. The beauty comes in the form of fully rendered and gorgeously designed levels.

There really isn’t anything much better in gaming than running at super-sonic speeds through a  big loop and off into the sunset. Which is essentially what happens in Sonic Unleashed. The best part is, it never gets old with the crisp sounds, clear picture and gigantic levels.

Plus, Sonic Unleashed has several goals that need to be achieved to fully unlock the game and get all the secrets. The chaos emeralds, must all be collected to truly tap into Sonic’s abilities. Also, there are the golden rings, 100 of which must be accumulated in each level  to make the gateway to the area where the search for the ever elusive chaos emeralds begin.

sonic unleashed

With the support of the Wiis motion sensor controls and its powerful processor, Sonic Unleashed is considered to be one of the best games released in recent years. A true platform adventure for gamers both old and new. And the play is awesomely created with stunning 2D and 3D elements to give a feeling of the original sonic games. Truly, 2D is only way to play Sonic Unleashed and the Wii runs the new engine with perfection. The game offers several benefits from the older as well, like the ability and freedom to choose your own path.

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