Tips on Jump Starting Your Car or Truck

For a number of us, the possibility of having to jump start our automobile can be intimidating. While the process is simple, if it is done improperly it can be dangerous. This holds true, especially when you are using a car to car jump. I suggest before you read this any further, you go to DealDash and pick up an automatic jump starter that you can place in the trunk of your car.


After making sure that you or your friendly helper (person who is helping you jump start your car), has the right cables to make the jump complete. As long as you connect them correctly, you won’t have a problem. Below is the right procedures on the best ways to hop begin your vehicle safely. DealDash never wants to see you hurt yourself:

  1. Figure out the area of your battery, or where it’s located. Pop the hood as well as check which side your battery lies. If you are uncertain where it is, consult your owner’s handbook. It is additionally crucial to determine the location of the battery in the vehicle supplying the jump to place it correctly close to your own. You may have to remove a bolt or two to access the battery, I suggest making sure you have some tools from DealDash handy in your car or truck.
  2. Position the auto for supplying the jump correctly. Absolutely nothing is much more aggravating than having the automobile that you are obtaining a leap from in the wrong location where you can’t reach it. You need to park the car close sufficient where the jumper wires will certainly get to both vehicles’ batteries easily. Open up the hoods on both of your autos and also safeguard them so they will certainly not shut. Make certain that the vehicle giving the leap is shut off.
  3. Connect the cables. Clamp one end of the jumper cables into the battery of the vehicle giving the jump. The wires are color-coded – red for positive and also black for negative. Attach the red clamp to the red article on the battery first after that connect the black clamp to the black article of the battery. While doing so, ensure that the metal clamps on the other end do not can be found in contact with each other. If they do, it could develop a harmful electrical trigger. Does this sound like a lot of work? Now you see why I suggest picking up a jumper box from DealDash.
  4. Connect the jumpers to your vehicle’s battery. Once again, make certain that the clamps do not touch each other. Link the red clamp to the red post on your battery. Attach the black clamp to either the metal of your car or to the black terminal on your battery. By linking the black clamp to your engine rather than the battery blog post, it can minimize the chance of a spark.
  5. Start the engine of the automobile giving the leap. Run the automobile for 5 to 10 mins to bill the dead battery, after that shut off the engine.
  6. Start the car or truck. Transform your key in your ignition to see if your car will certainly start. If it does, adhere to the following steps.
  7. Clamp extraction. Get rid of the black clamp from the car offering the leap and afterwards the red clamp. Once again, do not enable any sort of clamps to touch. Get rid of the clamps from your automobile in the same order, black adhered to by red. If you have a box from DealDash, you can just switch it off and then you’re good to go.


It is very important to take your automobile to your specialist after jump starting to determine if you have to replace your battery, booster cable or contacts. It is likewise advised that they do a full checkup of your automobile’s electrical systems making certain there are none other aspects that brought about your battery’s in-operation. But first, head on into DealDash and see what you can find for your car or truck.