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How Do You Know When The Auction Will End?

Hey there fellow DealDashers! This is the first of my weekly series where I will be answering your questions or frequently asked questions about DealDash. Your questions can be directly submitted to me for consideration at my personal blog DealDashNews. Please be aware that this is a once a week series and all questions may not be able to be answered that are submitted.

A very common question submitted to DealDash is, “How do you know when the auction will end?”. The simple answer to that question is, You Don’t. Basically, when people stop bidding the DealDasher  — Read full post

Home is Above Par

My husband likes to golf occasionally, but spending several hundred dollars on a set of golf clubs was not in cards for us anytime soon. So whenever he would golf in golf outings at work, he would always have to borrow a co-workers extra set of clubs. I was elated to see golf bags and a couple of clubs coming up for auction on .

The first item that came up was a¬†Odyssey White Ice 4 Putter. I started bidding and to my surprise, I won it for $0.98. The retail price of the putter was $80.00!  — Read full post

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How to win auctions for pennies on DealDash

My Bidding Experience

I am proud to say I have been shopping on DealDash for over a year and plan to shop at DealDash for many more years to come.¬†DealDash has the best items to bid on (all brand new) and they have the best customer service there is! No other penny auction site can even come close to being as good as DealDash. Not to mention on DealDash everything comes with free shipping and there’s a great Buy it Now option for everyone that does not win the auction.

My Bidding Tip on how to win auctions on  — Read full post

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How my family saves on

I have been a DealDash player now for three years! It is my favorite penny auction site, hands down! Part of my strategy is only bidding on items I need! Namely gift cards for restaurants, Walmart and Amazon. I need these anyway, so if I win its a big boost for my budget and if I don’t win, well, that’s okay too. I can just purchase it doing a “buy it now” AND I get all the bids I used on that auction back, so I am not out anything and I live to play on!!

See more about it  — Read full post

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Don’t Miss That Auction – Tips to Get What You Want on DealDash

DealDash has a great search tool and something called Alert Me. If you do not see an item coming up for auction that you are particularly looking for, you don’t have to miss out on that auction. Simply type the item in the search field and click on Search Auctions.

Search field

If you see the item you are looking for starting soon or if there is an Alert Me on it, simply click on Alert Me.

iPad Mini

Once you set an alert, you will get an email notice of the exact date and time the item is going up for auction  — Read full post