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DealDash Pets: New Bunny Care Tips

Did you receive a bunny as an Easter present? Or do you plan on adopting a bunny when they start filling the shelters in June? This bunny care tips article from DealDash is for you.

I would like to begin with saying – It’s not recommended to buy an actual pet “Easter bunny” as a gift. However, since Easter has passed, and you have ended up with a bunny, you need to read this information from DealDash to help you take care of your new friend. This article will also be helpful for the folks who plan on adopting one  — Read full post


DealDash Loves Small Animal Pets


There are many reasons to love having small animals for a pet. Here is some more information from DealDash.

Do you love animals but live in a small apartment or a rental that doesn’t allow bigger pets like a dog or cat? Or maybe you or a family member is allergic to dogs and cats? Possibly you just love small animals! All of these are great reasons to choose a small animal such as a bunny, guinea pig, or hamster as a pet instead of a larger animal. Here are some great things about small animal pets from DealDash.


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DealDash Presents Fun Animal Facts

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From Aardvark to Zebra animals are a very important part of our world.

There are so many different types, sizes, and shapes of animals on our green Earth. Here are some fun and interesting animal facts for you to enjoy. Memorize some, and quiz your friends!

Dolphins may speak in squeals and squeaks rather than human words, but they actually have names for each other.┬áThe Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry (CHAT) is a dolphin-English translator that can be used to convert the “dolphin talk” into English.

Cows are extremely sensitive beings. Not only do they have best friends, they also  — Read full post