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Tips On Staying Focused Like Indiana Jones To Help You Win Auctions

Focus on DealDash Auction

As I was bidding on a DealDash auction earlier today and again this evening, I noticed many people bid on many of the auctions at the same time.

It would appear to be counter productive to bid on too many auctions at once since you are limited to 6 auction wins in one week under $200 and 3 auction wins over $200. If a bidder is serious about “winning” an auction, I would recommend concentrating on one or two auctions at a time. Spreading yourself too thin causes several things to occur.

  1. There ends up being 40 bidders on
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Two Bidding Tips From A Third Year DealDash Veteran

DealDash Auctions Google Glass
Being a DealDash customer since January 2011, I have won 130 auctions and used the buy it now option at least 50 times.
I use DealDash for almost all my gift buying and personal needs. All my family now has KitchenAid Mixers, and Rachel Ray cooking items. I have also won two 32” Televisions and two laptops.
Having been to New York and met most of the staff, I can tell you they are friendly and hard working people just like most of us; and they have a bend over backwards mentality to accommodate their customers. Living in a rural
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Making The DealDash TV Commercial See How Much You Can Save

Did you see the TV commercial?  If not, you can see it here:

I am one of the lucky three customers featured in the commercial — the one who won the 55-inch TV set. Yes, used real customers in its first-ever commercial, not actresses, and I think they are to be commended for doing that. It is another reason why DealDash is known as the “fair and honest” penny auction site. One of the most common questions I get from former high school and college classmates, friends and my 11 siblings still living in six other  — Read full post

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10 Benefits of Shopping Online

1. It Saves You Time
Perhaps the first time you shop online it takes you a bit more time because you’ve never done it before. With a little practice and discovering how quick, easy and painless it is, you’ll be making that special purchase for that special someone in less time than it takes you to pull out of the driveway.

2. Relieve Yourself From The Effects Of Fighting Traffic
Avoid the high pollution days and stay home but still get your shopping done. Don’t let the stress of traffic and air pollution trigger your bodies emotional or physical balance. — Read full post

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What are the best times to bid on DealDash?

Hello there DealDashers!  Time for my weekly blog posting to answer your questions.  One question we get regularly is “What are the best times to bid on DealDash”? 


The simple answer is there is no “Best Time” to bid on DealDash.  It is just that sometimes can be a little better than others.  There are a lot of things you have to look at here in figuring out what time to bid is to your best advantage.  But remember this does not guarantee a win. 


I will use myself for an example here.  I live in the Eastern Time  — Read full post