DealDash Auction Bidder Bios

see no, hear no, speak no evil Many of us shopping on DealDash are guilty of wanting to¬†admonish someone in our bidder bio. Someone who is stomping bids all of the time or threatening everyone with their millions of bids or tons of money. We all want to say something witty and put them in their place. What I have found is that most of the people we are trying to reach with our “message” never even look at those little bios! They are the ones that are pressing that “bid button” like their life depends on it, never once actually logging in to the item page to set their Bid Buddy but playing from the auction page where you can’t even see a bio!

So, I am finding that it is really a waste of space for me. From now on, if I can help myself, the only thing my bio will say is Good luck or something in a similar vein. Why? Because it falls on deaf ears and besides, it can annoy the DealDash crew and they will end up pulling it off anyway and then everyone will see the sentence. Yeah, you know the sentence “Please write something interesting about yourself here” or something to that effect. Then they will know DealDash staff pulled whatever you wrote there off and you got your hand slapped…LOL!!

Have fun and happy bidding to everyone on!