DealDash Experience: Stacey gets Wonderful deals for her son on DealDash!

“I joined DealDash on the 1st of April 2015. After doing some extensive research on online penny auctions,  I came to the conclusion DealDash was the best, safest and most well organized. I did not hesitate to join”.

Stacey, DealDasher since April 2015.

I did extensive online research, and regularly saw DealDash pop up as result (Google search). I read various reviews, comments and criteria (including critique). Again, DealDash came out on top.

My very first win was a Samsung 16GB microSD Memory Card in Bulk Packaging ( This great item I got for exactly 1 (one) penny. I would like to see more toys up for auction, with different age ranges. I really do like the kitchen equipment / appliances currently up for auction, but would really like more items in general to be added. Especially toys.

My experience with DealDash customer service has been beyond excellent, and far greater than I had expected. That is, as a matter of fact, what got me hooked on DealDash. I asked a simple question before joining, and it was answered very professionally and quickly. Superb service, without a doubt.

My best win has been a WowWee Roboraptor X Dinosaur Robot (, for my son. Got it for $ 1.56, valued at $ 99. But what made it the greatest win for me was not so much the price I paid for it (or the deal I got), but rather the complete joy in my son’s eyes when he got it. He was so happy … and it made me extremely happy ! The fact that I got the toy for such a great deal, just made my day better (the greatest stress reliever one can imagine).

DealDash rocks !!!!!!!!!!!

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