Dealdash Scam – 5 Reasons why Deal Dash is not a Scam

5 Reasons why Deal Dash is not a Scam


Dealdash Customer
Written by Donna Lee

1. Bid back guarantee

I have won over 150 auctions since I’ve been playing Deal Dash, that’s an average of 12 auctions a month. I’ve won two bicycles, a large tool box, a television and many items for my back yard & kitchen. Some prizes I have won for just a few bids and other items I didn’t win…but not-to-worry, if you don’t win an item on Deal Dash after bidding, you can purchase the item at regular retail and get all the bids you used back! Yes you read right, there is a bid back guarantee! You never have to go away empty handed with Deal Dash’s bid back guarantee!

2. Free Shipping, no service charges, low priced bids.

Deal Dash offers Free Shipping on every item and there is never a service charge. Deal Dash also has “sales” on bids daily, usually between $.12 and $.15 per bid. They have fairest prices on bids, and Deal Dash is by far the most fun and exciting auction site! This is entertainment-shopping at its best! You have fun, use strategies and beat your opponents for everyday items. Of all the items I’ve ever won, I have never had a “dud”, all the products are top of the line and of great quality.

3. Regularly offers sales on items and bids

Deal Dash offers “sales” on items featuring ” FREE Auction Wins” some days, where the final sales price is FREE for your item… that’s a free item, shipped free! who does that?! Deal Dash does! Another sale you can find on Deal Dash is “50% Off Wins”, where the final sales price is half of the closing price. The newest sale I see on DD is the “Win-One-Get-One-Free”! For every item you win you get two! DD is always offering new and exciting products and you never get bored seeing all the amazing and really cool items you can win.

4. Opportunity to win free bids using social media and the DD reward system

You also earn reward bids for free, for every bid you place at Deal Dash a clock registers 10 second on the “reward-ometer”. Every player achieves a “level” for their time spent using Deal Dash. I am currently at level 33, and the next reward I will earn 550 free bids! Some items I have won for less than 550 bids include, a pool vacuum, two microwave ovens, a deep fryer, accessories for my Kitchenaid mixer, a gazing ball for my yard, a toaster, a couple of can openers to name a few. Some of these items I won for only a few bids…less than a dollar!

You can also get free bids by posting to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. I always use social media for free bids! Deal Dash offers a generous reward for social media posts. If you post photos and videos of your wins, they will give you free bids for sharing. There is a whole community of Deal Dash winners who share what they have won, so you not only get free bids, but also a sense for your competition, and you can see that everyone is winning at Deal Dash plus they are getting rewarded for it. You can earn up to 200 bids a week! Also, once a week, Deal Dash awards a 1000 Bid Pack to one lucky player who posts the winning “Photo of the Week”.

5. Outstanding Customer Service!

Customer Service

Deal Dash Customer Service is the best! Every time I have ever needed customer service they have responded immediately. The entire staff is kind and efficient. There is always someone manning the live chat at any hour of the day or night, they are right there for you.

They are fair and understanding. One item I thought was not functioning properly, I emailed DD and they immediately sent me a return label, but as it turned out, I was using the item wrong.

Deal Dash is a risk-free site. If you purchase a bid pack and you find Deal Dash is not for you, you can request a refund on your first bid pack. They will give you a full refund, but it is my “bet” you are going to fall in love with Deal Dash just like I did!

Every win at Deal Dash comes with a colorful display of fireworks right on your computer screen, it is so much fun & exciting, you’ll be doing your happy dance! Good Luck !

Written by Donna L.

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