Don’t Miss That Auction – Tips to Get What You Want on DealDash

DealDash has a great search tool and something called Alert Me. If you do not see an item coming up for auction that you are particularly looking for, you don’t have to miss out on that auction. Simply type the item in the search field and click on Search Auctions.

Search field

If you see the item you are looking for starting soon or if there is an Alert Me on it, simply click on Alert Me.

iPad Mini

Once you set an alert, you will get an email notice of the exact date and time the item is going up for auction to inform you it is starting soon. You can then mark it on your calendar and be prepared to sign in and start bidding!

It took me a while to learn everything so I recommend taking your time and practicing some of these tips to get what you want on DealDash. Just watching is even helpful. See what others are doing, how they are bidding, and how they are winning auctions. Do research on Bid Buddy and let it be your friend. Use it wisely and to your advantage. You will NOT win every auction so don’t get discouraged or disappointed. Took me quite a few auctions before I won my first one. The first item I ever won was this $50.00 Sunoco Gas Card! Including the cost of my bids I paid right around $30.00! So $20.00 of free gas never hurt anyone when you look at the prices at the pump these days! I have won a Norelco Electric Razor, Keurig Coffee Maker and many Keurig flavors of coffee to use with it. I have also won other various items and I’m still bidding for more!

So go to and join the rest of us in a great time of bidding. With a little effort and research you too will be winning items you need and want and hopefully getting a lot of good deals along the way. I also welcome you to follow my DealDashNews Blog. I am seeking lots of active readers and I welcome you comment and share your input with me and other followers! This Blog is here for you! It is there for all members, both new and old timers.

See you on DealDash and my blog DealDashNews very soon!