Habits to Cultivate to Be More Creative

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Many creative people have certain habits in common. Here are some tips and ideas from DealDash to cultivate these habits.

People tend to be either born creative – or not very creative. However, if you can attempt to cultivate some of these habits of creative people you will start thinging of yourself as a creative person. As with many other things in life, just try to “fake it til you make it!” Being born creative means nothing without persistence, hard work, and effort. Try to incorporate these habits to help turn creativity into your daily routine. Here are some ideas from DealDash.


Creative people tend to be extremely observant. Luckily, this is a fairly easy habit to incorporate into your daily life. Start small, go to a coffee shop, mall, or other place where you can sit and observe people. Sit and watch everyone. People watching can be an extremely fun and addicting hobby.

Every time you go out and practice your skill of observation try to pick out a few people and make up some imaginative stories about them in your head. Look at that! You’re being creative already. Once you have mastered the art of people watching and making up stories about them try to go home and write these stories down. Add some details here and there, and look at that! You’ve got yourself a book of short stories.


We’ve all heard of the “angsty” creative person who keeps to themselves. I’m not advocating for that, but spending a little time by yourself and thinking about things will do wonders for your creativity.

Spend some time meditating each day, sitting in stillness. Think about life, about the good things and the bad. Think about what you would like to do differently, how you can improve your creativity. The habit of becoming more introspective will fuel your creative spirit.

Easygoing Attitude

Finally, creative people tend to either have an extremely easygoing or high-strung attitude. There are few truly creative types that fall in-between. For your own health and sanity, try to cultivate an easygoing attitude. An easygoing attitude will help your creative juices flow and is an excellent habit to develop.

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