How to make DealDash a WIN-WIN Auction for you

Hello DealDashers, My name is Mom2Makayla and I would like to share some pointers and great deals that I have received using DealDash. I have been involved with auctions for over 30 years, starting with auction houses and estates. Now technology makes it possible to be involved in auctions online.

Unlike many auctions I have been to and used, DealDash is by far the best auction site I have used. Here are some tips to follow for a great experience and how to make DealDash a Win-Win auction for you.

  1. I know I will receive new and quality items. No more sorting through junk and throwing away broken items along with much wasted money. No more researching what is a good quality item to keep, nor items described as mint condition, only to be disappointed by a seller that took my money and receive an item that was far from workable or was not even in good condition. I have won through DealDash a Samsung 32″ LED TV , Bose Head Phones, and several Gift Cards which are great for gift giving. All new items with no defects or issues.
  2. Set a budget and stick with it. This will keep you from over spending which will only add stress to you, and may cause you to make hasty decisions to spend much more than you can afford which takes the fun out of bidding.
  3. Keep an open mind and don’t give up. If you see an item you would like to bid on, ask yourself… “Would I buy that item if I saw it in the store?” If the answer is yes, then purchase the amount of bids you can afford and add them to Bid Buddy. This gives you a better chance of winning. Bid Buddy does the bidding for you so you don’t miscalculate the time to place your bid.
  4. Buy it Now if you don’t win the auction! Remember this option when bidding. What makes this a great deal is you get the item you wanted and receive back all the bids you used during the auction to try for something else.
  5. How to deal with Bid Stompers. These are bidders that, most of the time, do not use Bid Buddy and do not allow other bidders time to finish before placing a bid. This not only wastes their money, it also wastes your money because you don’t collect your time as highest bidder towards your free bid rewards. How I deal with this is many times I will cancel out my Bid Buddy, sit and wait until they have either used up all their bids or have moved on to another auction item. The only fall back to this is you could lose the auction if you don’t have any bids booked. Another approach you may want to do is have a few bids on the item to keep you in the auction until the auction becomes more stable.
  6. I keep a notebook next to me. I do this for a couple of reasons, one I am able to know what I am spending to keep within my budget, and I also write names of what I call high bidders – those that have a lot of bids to use. I try to avoid an auction if I know they are in the auction, and most of the time the same item will come up for auction usually within minutes or hrs. So use patience and wait if you have to.
  7. Have FUN! Many people take things very seriously which I believe takes away from the true fun of a win. So remember, be patient, stick with a budget and don’t get caught up in an auction frenzy. By using some of these simple tips. You will find it enjoyable and win some GREAT items!
DealDash Auction
I won these for $12.19 during a 50% off promotion so only paid $6.09 plus my bids.