How to win auctions for pennies on DealDash

My Bidding Experience

I am proud to say I have been shopping on DealDash for over a year and plan to shop at DealDash for many more years to come. DealDash has the best items to bid on (all brand new) and they have the best customer service there is! No other penny auction site can even come close to being as good as DealDash. Not to mention on DealDash everything comes with free shipping and there’s a great Buy it Now option for everyone that does not win the auction.

My Bidding Tip on how to win auctions on DealDash

I would like to tell you in my experience how to win auctions for pennies on DealDash. First thing I do is view the new auctions that are starting soon. I pick out only the things that I would want to buy, even if I did not win. I watch the auction closely and place a few bids in the BidBuddy to see how the bidding patterns go. Watching and having patience is key. Be sure to set yourself a limit on how many bids you will use in the auction and stick to it. For example, If I’m going to spend 40 bids on an item and it starts going over that 40 bid limit which I’m willing to spend, I wait and go for the same item which will come up again soon. Winning bid packs are great as well because they will help keep you going to bid more. Also, be sure to claim extra free bids by sharing a photo of yourself on the DealDash Facebook page. Speaking of extra free bids, PLEASE let the clock run down! Each second you are the highest bidder on DealDash, you collect time. When your time meter fills up you can collect free bids and these are always helpful! Have fun with it.. 🙂

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Time as Highest Bidder Meter

This is located at the bottom of your screen. Here’s what it looks like. As you collect time as the highest bidder on DealDash, the bar fills up green. Once that fills up, you’ll be able to collect free bids and level up! Make sure you let the clock run so everyone can collect their free bids… otherwise you may upset other bidders and be in their cross hairs.

Collect free bids when bar fills up

It’s important to bid smart. If an auction is going past your limit/budget, let it go. That same item will likely be up for auction again very soon so just wait a while and be patient. I cant say enough about this site. I would list everything I’ve won for less than $5.00 but that would take all day, LOL!! Here’s a few items I’ve won! Good luck and enjoy bidding on

My DealDash Wins