DealDash Helps with my Animal Rescue Passion

I have been enjoying and participating in auctions on DealDash to obtain merchandise and gift cards for (hopefully) “Black Friday” prices for 13 months.  I love the promotions … and … truly appreciate the quality merchandise, always fast FREE shipping, and the Support Team is responsive and there when you need them!

I am retired and have most of the “things and stuff” I need.  Holiday shopping is here so there is that excitement to look forward to, but what about the rest of the year?

For me, the excitement and passion lasts all year long.  That is because my  — Read full post

Bidding Tips Home

DealDash Bidding Tips and News

Hello all my DealDash friends. My name is Gus but many of you may have seen me bidding on DealDash with the Username of naskippy. I have a new blog that I created in August 2013 simply called DealDashNews which is in support of DealDash.com and the wonders of deals they provide. Yes, I have seen the bashing websites and YouTube posting. But I have also found that most posting this bashing and negative information about DealDash came from new members that signed up and did not know what they were doing or what they were talking about. So I  — Read full post


Penny Auction Scams? DealDash is NOT a Scam

Some time ago I was looking into “Penny Auctions“. I found 6 or 7 and tried each of them. I found that 4 out of the 7 were definite penny auction scams in my opinion. I eliminated them.

Of the 3 left, I eliminated 2 that were in my opinion, if not scams, then poorly run businesses. Either way I deleted them from my penny auction review. I don’t like doing business when I feel it is underhanded in some way.

I was left with DealDash. This is a company I can have confidence in. Don’t misunderstand,  — Read full post


My First Year DealDash Review

I joined DealDash in September 2012. A friend told me about another penny auction site that I tried for a bit, but did not like, so I used the internet to check out some others. I tried a few of them briefly, but was never impressed. Then, I saw and tried DealDash and truly liked it from the start.  I read all the instructions, reviews, and watched some auctions before I tried it. After playing for a while, I discovered that if I had a question or a problem, the Support Team was always there … that REALLY impressed me!  — Read full post

Bidding Tips Home Video

DealDash.com – Prep Before You Play.

A quote from Confucius…“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”

The same goes for bidding to win on DealDash.com. If you want to be successful and win auctions, be sure to prep yourself before you play by taking a bit of time to understand the basics. This video outlines five areas for tips to being successful on DealDash.

  1. How to contact support.
  2. How to bookmark your auctions and only view auctions of interest.
  3. Know the winning limits and your limits.
  4. Study the Winners circle.
  5. How and why to use your
 — Read full post