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DealDash – Great Baby Car Accessories


Having a baby and a car means that you are going to need accessories. Here are a few tips for what you need, from DealDash.

No matter if you are going for a quick trip to town or a long road trip there are many accessories that can make traveling with a baby a lot simpler. Here are several helpful car accessories for babies that can assist in keeping everyone comfortable and happy doing a car ride. Read on for more helpful information from DealDash.

Snack Accessories

Snack pouches are a great accessory to have in the car when you  — Read full post


DealDash Talks: Baby Car Accessories


Everyone knows that babies require a lot of accessories. Today DealDash is discussing car accessories for the baby.

A car seat for the baby is the most important thing that you need for the baby, of course, but there are many other useful accessories that you can get to make riding with the baby a lot more comfortable. Here are a few examples of things that DealDash suggests you get for your baby to accessorize the car.

If you have leather car seats you will definitely want to get car seat protectors. Baby and child car seats are very rough  — Read full post