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DealDash Helps: Be the Best You

DealDash Be Best You

We should all try to be our best selves, but sometimes we need a little help. DealDash is here with helpful tips.

Moving towards being your best self begins with loving and accepting yourself how you are at this particular moment. Everyone has a little room for improvement, but you should love yourself regardless if you have met your personal goals yet or not. Being the best “you” that you can be doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. Embrace your small imperfections and strive for your goals. DealDash has tips for changing your outlook.

Stop Holding Yourself Back

If you think about your life, the main thing that might be holding you back is self-doubt. Get rid of the negative thinking, and instead think of small ways that you can improve yourself. For instance, if you are striving to run in a marathon, you aren’t going to be able to do that without training. Make a list of increasingly harder goals that lead up to being able to run the 26.2 miles that you ultimately want to achieve.

Stop Putting Things Off

Procrastination can be a major roadblock on the road to self-improvement. If you feel that you’ve set your goals a little too high for yourself don’t put things off until you eventually just give up! Break those goals down into smaller goals and work on them a little at a time. Wouldn’t you rather be 10% of the way to your goal than nothing? Stop the procrastination and get moving towards a better self.

Don’t Be a “Yes Man (or Woman)”

Are you the type of person to automatically respond “YES” to any favor or request that people make? If so, you might be sabotaging your own goals by spending your time and energy on everyone else and having nothing left for yourself. It’s a wonderful thing to help other people and be available for them, but you need to be sure that you aren’t spreading yourself too thin. Instead of immediately replying “yes” to other people’s requests, just tell them that you’ll think about it and let them know later.

Instead of immediately replying “yes” to other people’s requests, just tell them that you’ll think about it and let them know later. Give their request some thought, and reply to them within 24-48 hours. Saying yes is great, but it’s okay to say “no” sometimes as well.

I hope that you found this article on taking care of yourself helpful. Be sure to check back here as well as our sister blog DealDash Tips every day for fresh new articles. If you need anything to pamper yourself be sure to check DealDash first. DealDash has items for you! Visit DealDash now. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!


Improve Your Outlook with DealDash

Everyone gets the blues now and again. Here’s a quick guide from DealDash on how to improve your mood and outlook on life.

The first logical step in trying to improve your mood and outlook is to identify if there’s something in your life that’s making you unhappy. Do you need more “me time”? Are you unhappy with your job? Are you lonely and need to make a few more friends? Once you have identified the problem (or problems) in your life that are making you unhappy is to try to think of a way to fix them. If you can’t think of any specific problem in your life that is making you unhappy then you might have a touch of depression, which you should speak to your doctor about, they can help.

If you have identified a problem, though, then the next step is thinking of a way to alleviate the problem. Let’s use the examples above just to get you thinking.

If you are a busy Mom and are in need of some serious “Me time” then the obvious plan of action is to get your partner to take the kids out (or you go out!) on a regular schedule so that you can get some “me time”, and if it’s on a regular basis then it’s much easier to be happy on a day-to-day basis because you have a set date to look forward to. If you don’t have a partner, or if they are not able to take the kids for you then you could hire a babysitter, or even swap babysitting with another Mom so you can both get some “Me time” in, and not have to pay for a babysitter.

If you’re unhappy with your job it’s time to figure out why, and what you can do to improve the situation. Some options might include telecommuting a few days per week, or doing 10 hour days 4 days per week and having 3 day weekends. If those aren’t options for you, perhaps you might want to think about looking for a different job that suits you better, or even going back to school if you feel that you are in the wrong field altogether. Most community colleges and trade schools have classes on nights and weekends, and almost all colleges have online classes that you can take to further your education.

In the last example loneliness was the problem. If you’re a shy person who has trouble making friends now that you’re an adult out of school then activity clubs are a possible solution for you. There are many places online that you can join different activity groups in your area that have regular meet-ups where the ice is already broken for you because you have a common goal. There are groups for every activity, from sports to crafts to cooking to Legos. This won’t guarantee that you will make new friends, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Personally, when I am feeling a little blue there’s nothing that perks me up like doing some bidding on DealDash! The fun and excitement of bidding coupled with the joy of winning always makes me feel better when I’m a little down. If you’d like to go get “bid happy” on DealDash then just follow this link here and see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Tactics and Tips

Bidding Advice 101 for DealDash Newbies

DealDash Tactics and Tips

One of the most frustrating things about bidding on DealDash is the “Newbies”. A newbie being a bidder who has joined Deal Dash within the last few days or weeks. So here are a few tips to help the brand new bidder.

1. READ the tips and info on the Dealdash site called “How it Works“. Knowledge is a powerful tool so learning all you can first will make you a more successful bidder. I read everything I could on the site. If I see you haven’t even written your Bio and collected those 3 free bids, then you haven’t read any bidding tips on the website.

2. CLICK on the auction to open it. This way you can see how many bidders are in the auction. You can see your Bid Buddy, plugs in bids as you need to and determine by watching, who is using their Bid Buddy. It will saves you from wasting yours and others bids.

3. — USE your Bid Buddy!! Can’t stress that one enough. Learn how to utilize your Bid Buddy. I have won many auctions by plugging in a few bids and letting them bid automatically. You won’t always win but you will never know till you try. I won my Yamaha 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System valued at $350.00 for $0.37 using this method!

4. DON’T stomp, especially if you are a newbie! I just watched an auction where two newbies traded bids with each other for several minutes. Now I know you have not read any tips ! If you had you would know their are probably 4 or 5 others bidders, sitting back, watching you waste your bids knowing they have their Bid Buddy plugged in with several bids, just waiting for you to stop. If you had plugged bids in and watched, you would have let the timer run down and observed how many bidders were using their Bid Buddy because the bids are plugged in when the timer reaches 9. I gotta be honest, I never see a stomper win and all you really succeed in doing is raising the final price and many times, keeping the auction open longer, allowing more bidders to jump in.

Just allow yourself some time to gain the knowledge needed to be a more successful bidder on DealDash.com and hopefully save yourself, and others, money!

By Kim Finnegan – I have been a bidder on Dealdash since Sept 2012. I have won over 170 auctions. I am married with 3 daughters and 2 grandsons {one that holds my hand and one that holds my heart}