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DealDash’s Sparking Bathroom Tips


Want a clean and sparkling bathroom? Follow these tips from DealDash to accomplish your goal.

Cleaning your bathroom can be a daunting task. It is one of the most germ-infested rooms in your house. That is why it is important to keep your bathroom clean and germ-free. There are many different ways to clean certain parts of your bathroom. Here are some tips to clean your bathroom effectively, from DealDash.

Keep Your Shower Clean

One of the best ways to clean a shower is to use white vinegar. Simply put the white vinegar into a plastic grocery bag and place  — Read full post


Quick Cleaning Ideas from DealDash

dealdash quick cleaning ideas

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out whole day extravaganza. Let DealDash show you some quick cleaning tips.

Many people leave cleaning just for the weekend, or in some people’s cases less often than that. DealDash is here to tell you that if you use some of these quick cleaning tips every day then you won’t ever have to do a huge clean-up. Your house will be mostly clean at all times. Use these ideas and your house will be company-ready at a moment’s notice.

Just 5 Minutes

Your house probably has some “hotspots” of clutter. Mine are the  — Read full post


DealDash Saves Your Sweaters

DealDash Saves SweatersEveryone who has accidentally ruined a sweater, raise your hand…I admit it, I have ruined quite a few sweaters before I learned how to care for them properly. Let DealDash help you save your sweaters.

If you’re wondering how to properly care for your sweaters, you’re in the right place. Now that we are in the cold wintry January weather I bet most of you have brought out your sweaters and are wearing them frequently. Sweaters are great! They are warm, cozy, comfortable, stylish, but also difficult to clean without ruining them. Here is a quick primer from DealDash on  — Read full post


DealDash Masters Cleaning Up


DealDash has some awesome cleaning ideas. Read on to learn some fun cleaning hacks.

Cleaning is boring and no fun, right? Wrong! When you read about new cleaning hacks online or in magazines, aren’t you excited to try them out? I know I am! Here are some cleaning hacks from DealDash that I have personally tried for myself and have had success.

Garbage disposal – Is your garbage disposal a little stinky? Or do you keep your garbage disposal sparkling clean with those expensive packs of round mystery chemicals from the store? Well, you don’t have to use expensive chemicals  — Read full post


Bathroom Decorating Tips from DealDash

Lots of people think that as long as a restroom has a sink, toilet, shower and/or bath tub, as well as some closets or storage space locations, they currently have it made which there is no should additionally make it look lovelier and also appealing. This is, certainly, wrong. Everybody can make their restrooms much more attractive. And you don’t have to invest a lot of money to do so.


Below are some creative tips from DealDash that are cost effective as well as easy ways you can attempt to perk up and enhance the interior of your washroom:

Place  — Read full post