DealDash Asks: Need Some Inspiration?

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Everyone needs some inspiration sometimes. Here are some ideas from DealDash to get you started.

Inspiration means something a little different to each person, but we can all agree that having some inspiration in your life is definitely a good thing. Personally, I am inspired by people who volunteer, are kind, and make the world a better place. Otherwise, people are inspired by powerful people, nature, or intelligence. None of these things are better or worse than the others, they are just different. Here are some ideas from DealDash for some inspiration in your life.


Many people are inspired  — Read full post

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Stubborn DealDash Bidders = Overbidding

I know we have all seen DealDash auctions that last days upon days and we wonder how many bids has each bidder used.

Most of the time it’s two bidders who have been in since the beginning of the auction. I figure they have been trying for that item for sometime and decided “today is it.. no backing down this time”. The problem is if two bidders have that same philosophy, that will surely become a train wreck.

I recently witnessed such an auction. I have wanted to win that elusive projector I can’t seem to win, so I  — Read full post

DealDash Bidders

DealDash Bidder Profiles

Winning on DealDash is an exciting way to save big on everything from toilet paper to top name electronics.

There is really no one way or no one secret someone can offer that will allow you to win every time. However with patience and a combination of different strategies, you can grab savings of up to 99%.

In my opinion, the first thing you should do is become familiar with many of the bidders who frequent the site. This takes time and effort. You probably see their names pop up on auctions you are bidding on. Before acting on  — Read full post

DealDash Bidders
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Two Kinds of Bidders to Avoid

DealDash Bidders

Before bidding in any auction, it is important to watch other DealDash.com customers, become familiar with various screen names and know how they bid. If you do that, you will save lots of bids and greatly improve your chances of winning.

As a long-time DealDash.com customer, I learned never to get into the same auction as certain other bidders. Two kinds of bidders I try to avoid are: Bidding Addicts and Wealthy bidders

Both kinds of bidders are easy to recognize. They are the ones who consistently overbid the value of the auction item, no matter how much it costs  — Read full post

DealDash Man Cave Dreams
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DealDash: Supplying Man Cave Dreams Since 2009

My name is Victoria and I’ve been a bidder and shopper on DealDash.com since 2010.

Over my bidding history I have won and bought a lot of items. I would like to take a moment to tell you about my all-time favorite item that just tickles me even now just thinking and talking about it.

It is the Nostalgia Electrics – Coca-Cola Series 1.7 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator.

CocaCola Cooler Won On DealDash

It was a free weekend on DealDash which means everything you bid on is free (an example of that special bidding time was Mother’s Day Weekend). You can bid on an item  — Read full post