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DealDash Uses Time Wisely

DealDash use time wisely be productive

Like many people I struggle with using my time wisely, so I have collected a few tricks to help keep me on track.

As someone who is fortunate enough to be able to work from home, I need to be sure that I get all of my work done and not get distracted by things at home. These productivity tips and tricks from DealDash should work for you no matter where you work or what your tasks are.

Make a list. I love lists! You can make your list on your phone or tablet with a list-making app, make a list on paper, or even get a dry erase board or chalkboard to write your lists upon.

Do the least favorite task first. Once you have made your list, identify the tasks that absolutely have to be done, and do your least favorite task first. Once you have gotten the worst one out of the way, the other ones won’t seem so bad.

Reward yourself. Once you have done 3 of your tasks on your list you deserve a break! Take a 15-minute break, or if it’s close to lunch time, go ahead and reward yourself by taking a 30-minute lunch break. Once your break is over, immediately get back to work. If you don’t get right back to work inertia will take over and you will lose track of your goal of productivity.

Keep it moving. Don’t dilly-dally around between your tasks, wasting 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there. You will get a little reward in the form of another break once you have completed another 3 tasks on your list. You can take another 15-minute break between each set of 3 tasks until your entire task list has been completed.

If you’re feeling extremely productive after you have finished your task list for the day, then go ahead and start writing tomorrow’s list. Writing tomorrow’s list today will save you time because you can get started right away.

I hope that you have found this DealDash blog on productivity helpful. The key to productivity is organization. Keep your thoughts and actions organized and you will be more productive than ever before. DealDash has many things to keep you organized and productive such as clocks, tablets, and office supplies. Visit DealDash now to see the deals. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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DealDash Helps: Don’t Be Late!

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Are you the sort of person who is always running late? Are you chronically tardy to work? Do you dread special events because you know that you just won’t be able to get there on time? DealDash can help.

It can be really difficult to be on time to meet your friends at a certain time, or arrive at someone’s house for dinner or a birthday party at the correct time. It’s said that being chronically tardy is a sign of an optimistic person. You think that there will be no traffic, no getting lost, and no little bumps of life along the way to make you late. Unfortunately, most people won’t think that you are optimistic if you’re late to meet them – they will think that you just weren’t trying hard enough to meet them, and it will make them feel unhappy.

Luckily, DealDash has a few suggestions to help you get your timeline back on track. Here are some ideas:

  • Be prepared. Everything in life is better when you are prepared for it. If you have already gotten your wallet, keys, phone, and whatever else you need to bring with you ready to go you’re ready to grab them and get out! If you wait until you have to leave to gather everything up that can add precious minutes to your ETA that you don’t even realize. This is especially true if you have small kids that you need to remember to have a snack, sippy cup, diaper, and wipes to bring with you. Be on time – be prepared.
  • Set alarms – for everything. Is there somewhere extremely important that you have to be tomorrow? Set 2 alarms to wake up, 5 minutes apart. Set a timer for the amount of time that you have allotted to shower, get dressed, and finish up in the bathroom. Set a timer for how long you have allotted yourself to eat breakfast. And finally, set an alarm for when you should start gathering up your things, and another alarm for 5 minutes later that signals when you have to leave immediately. This is a bit extreme, of course, I wouldn’t set all of these alarms and timers just to meet a friend for lunch, but if you have a job interview, a meeting at work, or even a wedding or funeral, multiple alarms is the way to go.
  • Trick yourself. This is the oldest trick in the book, but set all of your clocks 10 minutes ahead. Do your best to forget that you have set them 10 minutes ahead, and try not to mentally “add 10 minutes” when you look to see what the time is on the clock. It may or may not work, but at least you made an effort!

DealDash can help you keep track of time. DealDash offers watches and clocks up for auction regularly. Watches and clocks can definitely help keep you on schedule. Just click this link here and go browse all of the auctions on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding, everyone!

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