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DealDash Quick Tips for Allergy Season


If you suffer from seasonal allergies there are a few things that you can do to try to ease your sniffles a bit. Here are some helpful tips from DealDash.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies such as pollen. If you’ve been wondering if there’s anything that you can do to ease your suffering, DealDash has a few tips for you. Read on for some helpful information from DealDash.

Try Saltwater

As with a scratchy throat due to a cold, gargling warm salt water can help for allergies as well. Mix up a spoonful of regular table  — Read full post

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DealDash Helps: Interesting Uses for Coffee Grounds


Coffee is the most consumed breakfast drink in America. But what can you do with all of those coffee grounds? DealDash can help.

Now would you say is completely useless refuse? People use kitchen refuse for things like creating their own garden, so why can’t you make use of something as commons as coffee grounds? With so many people enjoying coffee they should definitely be looking into the many uses of coffee grounds. Here are some interesting uses for old coffee grounds, from DealDash.

Deodorize the Fridge

You can make use of coffee grounds to deodorize your refrigerator. It will  — Read full post

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DealDash Presents the Benefits of Volunteering


Have a little extra time? Why not try volunteering? Here are some tips to get started, from DealDash.

Everyone needs a helping hand once in awhile. There are so many nonprofit organizations that need a lot of volunteers every year. You may not get paid to volunteer, but it is beneficial for your mental and physical health.  Giving a helping hand can make you feel good about yourself knowing that you can make a difference. Some people may be unsure if volunteering is right for them. Here are 3 benefits of volunteering, from DealDash.

1 – You Make Connections

A  — Read full post

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DealDash Plans a Baby Shower

DealDashBaby showers are fun but they can be a lot of work. Let DealDash help you plan the party.

Throwing a baby shower is one of the most exciting events that you can plan. Baby showers are typically thrown by family members, friends, or even the mommy-to-be’s spouse. Although baby showers are a lot of fun, you should always make sure that you are prepared for a baby shower. There are some things that you should do to prepare for the big day, from DealDash.

Choose a Date and Time

It is important to figure out the date and time  — Read full post

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DealDash Health: Spend Less Time Sitting


Sitting too much can be bad for your health. Here is more information from DealDash.

One of the pains that most refers to people who spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day is back pain in the lower back. This is better known as low back pain. Why does this pain occur? To begin with, because the sitting position is not the natural position of the human being: our body is designed to move, not to spend eight hours a day or possibly, even more, sitting in front of a screen. There are some things that you can  — Read full post