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Making The DealDash TV Commercial

DealDash.com See How Much You Can Save

Did you see the DealDash.com TV commercial?  If not, you can see it here:  http://goo.gl/M4WAV6.

I am one of the lucky three customers featured in the commercial — the one who won the 55-inch TV set. Yes, DealDash.com used real customers in its first-ever commercial, not actresses, and I think they are to be commended for doing that. It is another reason why DealDash is known as the “fair and honest” penny auction site. One of the most common questions I get from former high school and college classmates, friends and my 11 siblings still living in six other states is, “Did you really win everything you said you won?”  My answer, of course, is, “Yes!”  Before flying down from Tacoma, Wash., to do the commercial in a Hollywood, Calif., studio, Dave O’Weger from the DealDash staff asked me to send him a list of some of the favorite auction items I won.  When I arrived at the Hollywood studio, duplicates of auction items the other two customers and I won were already on the set, so we could point out some of the products we actually won. Therefore, everything we said in the commercial was true. I won the TV on a “free to the winner” weekend, on my birthday, which happened to be on the same day DealDash celebrated it’s annual anniversary.

In fact, a group of my friends came over to my house to throw a surprise birthday party for me. They said, “Let’s play some games.”   “Wait a minute,” I said. “First I want to place some bids on DealDash!” Then my friends said, “Okay, time to open your gifts!” “Wait a minute,” I said, “First I want to place more bids on DealDash because they are featuring a ‘free to the winners’ weekend to celebrate their anniversary.” Then my friends said, “Time to light the candles and cut your cake!” “Wait a minute,” I said. “First I want to see how I am doing on DealDash!” Just as I clicked on my mouse, we all saw the word “Congratulations!” flash across my screen. My friends and I got so excited we all jumped up and down like happy 10-year-olds yelling, “We won, we won, we won!”  Suddenly I turned to my friends and said, “No, you didn’t win. That’s not your TV. It’s mine!” 🙂 We all laughed and (in a way) my friends really did win, too, because now they often come to my house and we watch movies together. That was my first big win on DealDash, and I really did win 104 auctions in the first four months I was bidding on the site. Not long after that I received a phone call asking me if I was interested in being in the first DealDash TV commercial, and I am glad I agreed to participate because it was a pretty awesome experience. I learned that it is not nearly as easy as it looks to make TV commercials. It is actually hard work. I believe it took a full day to film us three customers, just to come up with a 30 to 60-second commercial.  I have not timed it yet, but I think that is about how long it lasts.

I tried other penny auction sites in the past, but DealDash.com is the only penny auction site for me. After conducting an in-depth study of several penny auction sites, I know DealDash is the best and most fair and honest penny auction site online. To learn everything you need to know about winning strategies on DealDash.com, read my other blog entries at: dealdashreview.blogspot.com

Happy bidding everyone!

Written by Barbara Sellers