Kids and Parenting Wellness

DealDash Kids: Tips to Make the Most of the School Year


By this time your child should have already started school or will be starting next week. Here are some tips to help them make the most of the school year.

It’s important for kids of all ages to have a great school year. However, sometimes it is very difficult for younger kids to have a great school year. These kids are complete “newbies” at knowing what to expect from school. Here are some tips to help younger kids get settled and more familiar with what they should do to help themselves have a fun and educational school year. Read on  — Read full post


Picking The Right Office Desk for the Job

DealDash knows that picking the size and shape of your desk should be a consideration of individual style – just how do you desire your office to look – with a functional consideration of the space available – how many desks do I need in the workplace? If you are constricted by space, many compact layout office workdesks are extensively available. Rectangle-shaped bench desks supply an excellent space-saving layout combined with shared architectural parts to lower costs. Call center skins, usually in circular collections of between four and also 8 workdesks are an additional compact, space-saving alternative. If you have  — Read full post