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DealDash Brightens Your Home This Spring

We have a few more chilly days left this winter. Why not spend them inside doing a few DIY projects to brighten up your home for the spring days ahead?

Spring is the season of renewal, where the world outside transforms with vibrant colors and new life. It’s the perfect time to mirror this natural beauty inside our homes with a few simple DIY decor projects. These family activities not only brighten your living spaces but also create opportunities for making cherished memories together. Let’s dive into some delightful DIY spring decor ideas that are sure to refresh your home  — Read full post

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DealDash Teacher Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank


There are lots of people to buy for this holiday season, don’t forget your child’s teacher. Here are some quick, easy, and cheap ideas from DealDash.

No one has more of an impact on our children’s lives than their teachers. Teachers spend more time with our kids than anyone else. As the holidays come, it’s nice to remind teachers how important they are and how much we appreciate them. That doesn’t mean that you need to go broke doing it. Here are some ideas from DealDash that won’t break the bank.

Pens and Stationary on DealDash

To begin with, you  — Read full post

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DealDash’s Interesting Tips on Aluminium Foil


Aluminum foil – we all have some, but what else can you do besides wrap leftovers? Read these interesting tips from DealDash and find out!

Aluminum foil is something that almost everyone has in their kitchen. This multipurpose kitchen tool is able to take on many jobs. Thus, it is worth adding to your kitchen inventory. Here are some interesting ways to use aluminum foil, from DealDash.

Clean Your Grill

You can use aluminum foil to clean your BBQ grill. Many times when you are cleaning a grill you can end up contaminating your food with tiny pieces of your  — Read full post


DealDash: Create A Craft Space at Home

DealDash crafts

Love crafting? Having a dedicated craft space in your home makes things so much easier. Let DealDash help.

I’ve been a crafter all my life, but I’ve only had a dedicated craft room for the past two years. It was a must when we were looking at houses to buy. If you don’t have space for an entire craft room in your home, you just need a little corner all to yourself. It’s easy to make a small space the perfect little crafting area if you do things with organization in mind. Here are some ideas from DealDash to help  — Read full post


Enjoy Egg Decorating with DealDash

DealDash Easter eggs

Having kids or grandkids means that you’ll be decorating some Easter eggs this weekend. Here are some tips and tricks from DealDash to make the process go more smoothly.

Decorating eggs is a fun pastime that kids and adults can enjoy together. You don’t have to be a regular churchgoer to enjoy the secular parts of Easter. There are so many great things about decorating Easter eggs. It’s fast, fun, and the best part is you can eat them when you’re done!

Decorating With a Kit

Decorating Easter eggs with a kit is, of course, the easiest way of all.  — Read full post