DealDash Guide to Buying a Formal Dress Online


Buying a formal dress online sounds a little intimidating. However, with these tips from DealDash, it will be easy!

With school underway so come activities like formal dances. Boys are checking out formal attire while girls are looking for the perfect dress. Did you know that you can get a great dress online? Here are some of the best reasons for shopping online for a formal dress, from DealDash.

Shopping Online is So Convenient

It is very convenient to shop for a Formal dress online. You don’t have to worry about going to the mall or another store to get  — Read full post

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Autumn Outdoor Weddings with DealDash


Autumn is here, and there are many weddings going on. Here are suggestions on how to dress to attend an outdoor autumn wedding, from DealDash.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task.  Figuring out where to have your wedding can cause a lot of stress. Having a wedding outdoors is a great place to have a wedding.  You can choose different wedding themes and locations. Many people don’t know how to dress for a wedding that is outdoors. Here are some tips to share with your guests if you are having an outdoor wedding – or if you are  — Read full post