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DealDash: School Shut Down? Entertain the Kids


All around the USA schools are temporarily closing to stop the spread of germs. DealDash has some ideas to help entertain your kids.

Many schools are closing as a precautionary measure against the spread of germs. For example, all schools in Massachusetts are temporarily closed until April 7th (at least). Having your kids home unexpectedly for 3 weeks can be a strain, on all of you. Follow these suggestions from DealDash and make your time go a little easier.

DealDash Has Legos for Boys and Girls

First, let’s talk about Legos. Almost everyone young and old, girls and boys, enjoy playing and building with Legos. When your whole family is home together for the next few weeks Legos can be something that the whole family can share and enjoy together. Also, there are different types and styles of Legos,  with both sets and loose pieces available on DealDash as well.

Do you have younger kids? Not a problem – there are Lego sets for younger children, as well. If your child is too young for regular Legos try the Duplo blocks. Also, DealDash has both Legos and Duplo blocks available for auction. As a result, you can get a new Lego set and watch the boredom melt away.

Use the Internet to Help Your Child Learn a Skill

Next, a great thing about being stuck indoors is that you can use that time to help your child learn a new skill. Also, no matter what skill they want to learn, from playing the piano to drawing to folding origami, there are free tutorials online. Just today my daughter watched two different ukelele tutorials online, and is well on her way to learning how to play “You Are My Sunshine”. Also, some people are visual learners and some prefer to read the directions themselves. Figure out which way your child prefers, and help them find tutorials online.

Give Them a Job

Finally, busy kids aren’t bored! Depending on the age and skill level of your kids you can assign them a few jobs to complete around the house. Personally, I like the “Chore Bucket” way to assign chores. The way to do a chore bucket is to write down the jobs you need to be done on slips of paper. You can also assign each chore either a monetary or point value. Each child can choose which chore they would like to complete out of the choices in the bucket.

After completing the chore that they picked they receive either the amount of money or the points that were written on the slip. The idea is that they can save up the points to use for something they would like to do or experience. For example, you could say that they could use 5 points to stay up an extra half hour at bedtime. For instance, I like to write everyone’s money and points that they have earned on our whiteboard and do a pay-out at the end of the week. 

Thanks for Reading

I hope these suggestions will give you some ideas on how to keep your kids busy on their unexpected break from school. Try one of these tips or all of them at different times. Regardless of which one you choose your child will be entertained. However, these suggestions are just the beginning to entertaining your kids. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on keeping your kids busy.

Go check DealDash for a great selection of items for kids. DealDash has Legos, toys, and games for children. Visit now to see how much you can save. Have a great time and happy bidding everyone! 


This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. 

Entertain Us on a Trip, DealDash

Taking a car trip can be fun for the whole family, but sometimes it can be hard to keep everyone entertained. Here are a few tips to keep everyone busy.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when you are planning your trip is how long you are planning on being in the car, what stops that you are going to make, and if it’s likely that the passengers will have to be entertained the whole trip or if there will be some napping along the way.

If you are going on a long car trip with the family I am going to assume that you will have at least 1 or more kids in the car. With that said, it all depends on the age of the child/ren exactly how much entertaining that you will have to do and how much of the entertaining that they will be able to handle for themselves.

One of my favorite things to do before a trip is to make a playlist for the trip of songs that my family likes to sing along with. My kids (especially my daughter) love music, and will sing along to the latest Katy Perry and Taylor Swift songs like any little kid, but she also takes pride in the fact that she can sing along with songs that I grew up enjoying in the 90s! The playlists that I make I put on my iPod, which is such a time-saver. If you need to replace your iPod I would suggest checking out DealDash. Just click here and you will be taken to a page with the iPods that will be available to bid on or set an alert on. Just click the blue “Alert me” button and DealDash will send you a quick email when your item will be coming up for bid.

Another thing that my family finds very entertaining on road trips is snacks! There’s nothing like a chorus of children (and one husband) all whining “I’m hungry, I’m starving, feeeeeeed meeeee!” So I always make sure that I pack enough snacks for everyone to enjoy. In the case of the children I like to get the little snack sized bags and pack them each a bag of goldfish, pretzels, raisins, and fruit snacks. If I don’t pack them the exact same things it starts a big pout-fest, so I am sure to make things even.

The last thing that I always pack for our road trips is a neck pillow and blanket for everyone. I love to sleep on long trips if the kids are quiet, and I have a much higher chance of being able to nap myself if the kids are able to get comfy in the car. A word of caution, though, don’t give any kids under the age of 3 a neck pillow, please. It’s unlikely anything bad would happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I hope that this article gave you some ideas on how to entertain your family on a trip. Be sure to visit DealDash and check out the iPads, ipods, portable DVD players, and more in the Electronics and Computers category, located here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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Entertain Guests with Some Great Budget Ideas from DealDash

Supper events are a fun justification to have close friends over, make and consume delicious food, and enjoy. They also do not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Even if you’re not a master chef, the adhering to are some low-budget, these fun-filled supper event ideas from DealDash will delight and thrill your supper or celebration guests while not breaking the bank.


* Farewell to Summer season (or Autumn) – The end of anything like summer or fall is constantly a fantastic need to celebrate! Invite your friends and family over for the last hurrah of the season. Serve fresh season-appropriate fruits, vegetables and treats. Go to DealDash and see what else you can find to decorate for a budge. Decorate with flowers and also branches from your yard and also use fresh fruit as focal points.

* A Sushi Social – Nothing claims elegance like sushi. Invite all of your friends over for an evening loaded with fun and also learning as you all make your personal sushi meals. After that sit around your coffee table on pillows and interact socially over each program. And count on being able to find knives and cutting boards at DealDash for a very affordable price. If you consider welcoming kids to the celebration, you can adjust the sushi rolls by making use of fruits and vegetables instead. After supper you could even make treat sushi by utilizing different gummy sweets, fruit by the foot for the algae, etc. Be creative and make it an enjoyable night for visitors all ages! Make sure to go to DealDash to grab that sushi set!

* Ode to the Greeks – The Greeks are understood for their stunning building frameworks (i.e. The Parthenon) for the start of the Olympic Gaming’s and for their amazing food. So commemorate the Greeks by tossing a dinner party showcasing all points Greek. Organize your own mini-olympics with enjoyable obstacles, use items you find on DealDash. Be creative and your guests will delight in the event. Offer delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine such as olives, cheese, yogurt, beef as well as lamb, as well as veggies seasoned with Greek seasonings. Your visitors will be thrilled with the amazing cuisine and fun activities – a dish for dinner party success!

* Carnival Time – Mexican food is always a fined the visitors as well as there are so many inexpensive options when it concerns range as well as decors. See your regional event shop for economical celebration materials – pet crate paper, piñata, brightly tinted flags – as well as enhance to your heart’s material! Offer chips, salsa, and bean dip as an appetizer and have a burrito bar and serve the ingredients in some serving trays you find at DealDash. Make sure to have the party complete with all the fixings for dinner! Throw on some Latin dancing music as well as call it a party!

* Murder Secret Supper – A murder mystery supper is the excellent combo between friendly food, home entertainment, and also a little thriller. You can get Murder Mystery Kits online or at your favored celebration supply store.


These are just some of the ideas that we have here at DealDash to help you entertain your guest for a great price. You’ll find games, furniture, snacks, and serving equipment, all at a great price. So head to the site now and start bidding!