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DealDash Gardens: Get Your Seeds Started Indoors


Now is a great time to get your seeds started indoors for your garden this spring. Read these tips from DealDash, then get started!

Planting seeds is an easy process, but how you go about it can make or break your growing season. There are certain seeds that you can start indoors for gardening. Many people get a head start by planting some seeds indoors for their gardening season. Here are some tips to get your seeding started indoors for your garden, from DealDash.

Decide Which Seeds You Should Start Indoors

The first thing you should do is figure out which seeds you can use indoors for your garden.  There are a variety of crops that you can grow indoors such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Lettuce, peppers and more. The best way to determine what type of seeds you want to grow is to go by how much space you have.  Once you figure out which crop you want to use, you can start the preparation.

Use a Grow Light

Most vegetables need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to grow, so it is imperative to use a grow light if you are growing your crops indoors during the winter time. A grow light will also prevent your seedlings from having a long and straggly stem. Using a grow light will help your seeds grow successfully.

Use the Correct Containers

Having the right size of containers is important. You can find seeding containers at stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. Using egg containers is also good for your seeds. Make sure that you poke holes into the containers on the side down the bottom to drain the extra water.  It is also best to label your containers, so you won’t forget which plant you planted.

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Thanks for Reading

Growing your seeds indoors for your garden does not have to be complicated. These tips will help you with your preparation for the upcoming gardening season. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on getting your seeds started indoors. Don’t forget to check back here often for new articles here.

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DealDash Grows Sunflowers now!


Sunflowers are awesome! They are so friendly and cheerful-looking as well as delicious. Here are some tips on how to grow them from DealDash.

Do you love sunflowers? They look great in the garden, and then when they start drooping then you can cut them down and harvest the seeds. Sunflowers range in height between 2 and 15 feet tall depending on the type of sunflower. Therefore they can grow in just about any size of garden from small to a full yard. Here are some tips from DealDash to get you started on your sunflowers.

What Type of Sunflower?

There are so many different varieties of sunflower. Here are a few of the top types that you might enjoy growing in your garden:

  • Best Double Bloomer: Giant Sungold
  • Multicolored: Strawberry Blonde
  • Best Mammoth: Mammoth Russian
  • Best Light Bloomer: Italian White
  • Dwarf Variety: Little Becka
  • Best Dark Bloomer: Moulin Rouge
  • Award Winner: Soraya
  • Best for Pollinators: Lemon Queen

Where Will You Grow Them?

Do you live in the right area for sunflowers? I hope so! Sunflowers thrive in warm and hot climates in areas with full sunshine. Climates with long hot summers are perfect for growing sunflowers. The hint is in the name, of course SUNflowers enjoy full sunlight!

When your little sunflower plants start growing, be sure to shield their stems from the wind. Plant sunflower seeds along a fence, the side of a house, or stake them. If you live in a windy area or your stalks lack strength, consider staking the plants with wood or bamboo stakes to support the weight of the plant.

What Can Hurt Your Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are extremely resilient, luckily! However, something besides the wind that can harm them is flooded soil. Your sunflower plants need to have proper drainage in the soil. If your soil doesn’t drain well, you can buy or build a planter box.

How Exactly Should You Plant the Seeds?

Firstly, dig holes that are 1 inch deep. These holes should be placed fairly far apart. For smaller varieties, they can be placed about 6 inches apart. For the larger varieties, put them 18 inches apart. Sunflowers are huge and need a lot of space to grow to look their best.

How Much Water Do These Things Need?

Sunflowers love sun and they don’t need quite as much water as other plants such as a tomato plant. Luckily, sunflowers only need to be watered once or twice a week. Sunflowers have deep roots and prefer infrequent, heavy watering to frequent, shallow watering. This is good news for you, because you can just pick one or two days per week to water your plants and you’ll have less chance of forgetting to water them. Of course, you’ll need to adjust your watering routine on particularly hot or rainy weeks. Your sunflowers should bloom in mid to late summer, and you can enjoy them for a while before you cut them down to eat.

Are You Ready to Chow Down on Seeds?

Now it’s time to harvest the seeds. When you’re ready to snack on sunflower seeds, cut the flower heads off when they begin to droop. If they don’t droop, then the time to cut them off is when the back of the head begins to turn yellow. After you’ve cut the heads off, hang them upside down by the stem in a dry, and cover them with a paper bag to catch seeds as they fall out. After that, they can be eaten or roasted and eaten. Bon Appetite!

Thanks for Reading

Finally, thanks so much for reading this new DealDash article on sunflowers. Make sure that you get those seeds planted! If you need anything for your lawn or garden check DealDash. D

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