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How To Find The Average Selling Price Of DealDash Auctions

Bidding in a pay to play online auction like DealDash is all about discipline, patience and having realistic expectations.

Terry B. explains the patience aspect well in his article Patience Patience Patience. Keep in mind that although someone may win an Apple iPad for $0.37, does not mean that’s always going to be the case. As you can see the average selling price for the Apple iPad Mini 32GB Black Slate is $79.22.

Apple iPad Sale DealDash

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In case you don’t know how to find the average selling price of an auction, just log out of your DealDash account. If you’re logged into your DealDash account you’ll see this normal view of the auction, what it sold for, who won, etc.


The logged out view displays the item and average selling price of that item on DealDash. This works for any auction so go ahead and try it yourself. Hopefully this helps with your overall bidding strategy.

DealDash.com Average Selling Price

I believe the secret to winning auctions is by staying active in it. However, before deciding to get involved and commit to an auction, it is imperative to stack up on bids. Eliminate the possibility or need to purchase bids after an auction has started and rather stay focused on the auction itself. This way you’re not scrambling to buy more bids or use one of your Buy it Now options to get additional bids loaded to your account in order to stay active in the auction you are bidding in.

Good luck!

– Sivaraj