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DealDash Does Backyard Campouts

When I asked my daughter what she wanted to do this upcoming weekend her answer surprised me. She said she wanted to have a backyard campout.

My son used to request backyard campouts when he was younger, but my daughter was always too scared to participate. I guess this summer is going to be filled with fun nights of camping out in the backyard. It’s the perfect compromise of sleeping out under the stars, yet be close enough to a bathroom, kitchen, and a bed if it starts raining!

If you’ve never had a backyard campout it’s pretty simple to do. All you truly need is a tent, some sleeping bags or blankets that you don’t mind going outside, and some kind of lighting for the little ones. We do our backyard camping on our deck, so we cheat a little bit and just turn the deck light on. However, if you have older, braver kids then you might be able to get by with a camping lantern or even flashlights.

One of the best parts about backyard camping (other than the aforementioned bathrooms!) is playing games and telling stories. Here are a couple of fun games that you and your family can play while you are backyard camping.

  • Obstacle Course – You can easily turn your backyard items into a fun obstacle course for little kids, big kids, and even adults. You can let them jump over low hedges and bushes, do a tightrope walk on the garden hose, crawl under the deck chairs, do a lap around the whole house, and then back to the start. You can make this into a race, and even more fun than a single person race is if you team up a little kid with an older sibling or parent. It’s fun to see the older kids working with the younger ones.
  • Photo Bug Hunt – Photo bug hunt is exactly like it sounds! Make a list of easily found and identified bugs such as ladybug, ant, bee, spider, moth, etc. and send the kids or teams out with a camera or camera phone and see who is the first to bring back pictures of all the bugs on the list.
  • Bean Bag Ladder – Using a ladder from your shed or garage tape a paper declaring the number of points each step will receive. Make a line on your grass with tape, spray paint, or a garden hose. Have people stand behind the line and toss bean bags onto the ladder steps. If you have little kids playing this you might want to have a closer throwing line for them to make things more fair. If you don’t have any bean bags you can always fill up some ziplock bags with rice or beans, and if you double ziplock it they should still be intact enough to withstand the game so you can still use them to cook with after you are done with them.


Grab a ladder from the garage and play bean bag toss.

If backyard camping appeals to you then head on over to DealDash and pick up some camping supplies. DealDash has tents, sleeping bags, and plenty of other things that you can use for your backyard campout. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

Bird Watching With DealDash

Bird watching can be a fun and relaxing hobby. Read on to get some information about how to get started.

Developing a new hobby often costs a bit to get started, and bird watching is no exception. Unless the only birds you are interested in looking at are ducks, pigeons, and chickens, then I suggest that you get yourself a pair of binoculars.  There are many different brands and magnifications of binoculars with varying prices. The experts suggest getting 7-power or 8-power binoculars—they’re a nice mix of magnification while still allowing you a wide enough view that your bird won’t be constantly hopping out of your image. DealDash often has binoculars up for auction. Check out the link here and you can set an alert by clicking “Alert Me”, and DealDash will email you when they are available.

Bushnell Falcon 10 x 50mm Binocular

The next item that you will be extremely helpful for you to get is a field guide. That way when you see a new and interesting bird you can easily look it up while you are out in the field. I find it much easier to thumb through a book on the go rather than to try to look it up with my smart phone. Really, once you pull the smart phone out to look up a bird you are probably going to check your email, your Facebook, and DealDash and miss the next bird flying by. You can get different field guides depending on where you are located, there are books that cover the Eastern United States, Western United States, and some that cover the whole country.

If the thought of lugging along a book doesn’t appeal to you, you could always bring a small waterproof camera with you so you can document the bird on the go. Then later when you’re at home you can look it up online. This is a nice compromise between being tempted by your smart phone and having to carry a book with you. DealDash often has small waterproof digital cameras up for auction. Just click this link right here and it will take you to the upcoming camera auctions.

Coleman Blue Xtreme2 Waterproof Digital Camera with 16 MP

I hope that these tips helped you a little bit when thinking of taking up your new hobby of bird watching. DealDash has these great items and more every single day of the week, 24 hours per day. Go take a look! Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

DealDash Review Auction Win

Another Hole In One On DealDash

DealDash Review Auction Win

I have been trying for some time now to win a complete set of golf clubs for my husband, having previously won a golf bag, a putter, and a pitching wedge, all for a total of $2.00 and a Golf GPS for $1.79. I admit I have tried numerous times to win a set of clubs, but always end up bowing out or quitting. This time I decided I was in it to win it!

It took way longer than I was expecting, as I traded bids with several different bidders as they popped in and out of the auction. Finally, the set was mine! I spent 851 bids total and the winning bid was $23.53. It was also a Free week so my final price was $0.01 minus the costs of my bids. My out of pocket was also decreased by the fact that I leveled up during my time bidding and collected 540 Free bids. I then only “paid” for 311 bids at about 15¢ per bid. The timing was perfect.

Since Father’s Day is just a few weeks away, I stored it away in my daughters closet until we give it to him on June 15th. He doesn’t get to play as often as he wishes since he still works full time, but I hope to have him all set once he is old enough to retire, Thanks to DealDash !

By Kim Finnegan

I have been a bidder on DealDash since Sept 2012 and have won over 150 auctions.

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DealDash Review Auction Joyride

Penny Auction Journey On Deal Dash

DealDash Review Auction Joyride

My journey on Deal Dash started back in October of 2012. What a ride it has been.

There have been bumps in the road, some smooth sailing, and lots of amazing wins. It all started when my TV went on the blink and the color board decided to shade everyone in orange. TV guy said it would cost more to repair it than it would be to replace it, however that would be around 900 bucks. Had to find a way around that one, couldn’t afford that right now. A couple of friends posted on Facebook about Deal Dash being a very good online auction site. Ok let’s give it a try. Read all the rules, posts and suggestions on how to play. Started out small then on to the more valuable items. After 6 to 8 weeks of learning the ropes and bidding responsibly I won a 50 inch LG Plasma TV!!!  Total cost with bids about $50.00!!
So for all the skeptical newbies out there thinking DealDash is too good to be true or a scam… you can win, it will happen, just learn how it works and ask for help if needed. I work from home and have numerous times during the day to check in to see what’s happening on Deal Dash. I don’t always bid, just watch. Learned to get to know the players and how they bid and let me tell you people have a “Bidding Personality” including myself. I bid to BIN (Buy it Now) on things I would normally purchase. I get what I need on DealDash.com or I have to go to a store. I would rather get it on Deal Dash because it is a whole lot more fun; especially if you get a bargain and win an auction. I sometimes will also play a bit and bid on things I would not go out and buy. You have to get a mind set that you are playing and sometimes you will not win the auction. But you always have the BIN option and you can’t ever lose with that. Sometimes it’s just fun to put a few bids in on something just to see what happens. Seems like when you win an auction you weren’t trying very hard on it’s even more exciting!
So in the end I have won over 165 deals with some BIN’s thrown in here & there. It’s a year & 1/2 later and I’m still playing and winning on Deal Dash. Why would anyone go anywhere else ? In my option Deal Dash is the best online auction site for everyday people who could really use a good deal every now and then. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the auctions!
DealDash username: Newfden
photo source: shutterstock
Deal Flash Dash

Deal Flash: A Picture’s Worth……$500.00

Deal Flash Dash

As soon as I discovered that DealDash rewards bidders for posting pictures, I did whatever I could to acquire free bids by posting pictures to the DealDash Facebook page, or to my Pinterest profile and tagging DealDash.

I was making sure I got a picture with every item I won.  I had also read that they pick one photo each week, that has been posted to the Facebook page, as their “Best Photo of the Week” and reward them with a $500.00 gift card, letting them chose from 4 or 5 retailers of choice. I signed onto Facebook one morning to see a notice that someone had commented on one of my posted photos. I clicked on it to see what comment was left. I was shocked to read…

DealDash Facebook

Click to see photo on Facebook

What? Was this real? I was elated! I then received an e-mail from DealDash customer service confirming that I had indeed won the weekly contest and ask me to chose a preferred retailer such as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Amazon, etc. Since I work at Target and could stretch my winnings even farther, I chose my prize to come from Target. The card literally arrived in 3 days.

What to buy, what to buy… I had tried many times to win the elusive Apple iPad so I used my $500.00 gift card to buy my very own iPad. I don’t know of any other Penny Auction website that rewards their bidders with gift cards or free bids. DealDash is leaps and bounds above the other auction sites and they have won me over!!

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