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DealDash: Is Your Lawn Ready for Spring?

DealDashSpring is here! It’s time to get your lawn items organized. Read this article for some tips and tricks from DealDash.

Whether or not it looks like it where you are living, spring is officially here. To some, it means watching the snow melt; to others, fun in the sun. Sadly, my spring is the snow melting variety. Regardless of the weather where you are located, there are a few things every person should be doing at the beginning of spring. Read on for some suggestions from DealDash to get organized.

Shovels and Snowblowers

If you’re living in the northern states, chances are you know someone who still has snow on their lawn. Even so, it’s time to put our shoveling equipment away for the next two seasons. Remember when you’re doing this, that it is best to put your shovels out of the way, but not in hard-to-reach places. There’s always the chance of another snowstorm if you’re living in New England! Also, you’ll need them in a few months, so it would be wise to keep them where you can get to them easily. 

If you use a snowblower, you’re not likely to need it again until Winter comes again. Any snow from here on out should just be a dusting. You can put your snowblower away in the garage or shed after you have run the gas out. To do this, simply take the snowblower outside, start it up, and let it run until it is out of gas. You’ll want to do this soon so you can put it away sooner. After all, snowblowers are bigger, bulkier, and more likely to get in the way than the shovels.

Is Your Lawnmower Ready?

After that, we can get the lawnmower ready. With the beautiful green grass growing slowly but surely on your lawn comes the work of mowing it. How do we prepare for that task? Simple!

Now that the snowblower and shovels are put away, we must pull our lawnmower out of the garage or shed. That’s only the beginning of lawnmowing prep work, though. We must be sure our mower is ready to go. You can do this by hiring a professional, but it is much cheaper to do these simple tasks yourself.

Only a few things must be checked before mowing the lawn.The first thing I recommend is the air filter. That’s the cylinder of folded paper held together by grates made of plastic, metal, or both. If it’s clean and dry, you can leave it be. Chances are, though, you will need to replace it. After that, you should check the gas and oil levels. If you don’t know how to do this, remember that it is approximately the same process as checking the oil level in your car. When in doubt, please hire a professional.

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