Office Cleaning the DealDash Way


Want to have an office as clean as the one above? Clean your office the DealDash way.

What is cleaning the office the DealDash way? Quite simply, it’s cleaning the office as you would any room in the home – quickly, thoroughly, and with more brain power than brawn. Read on for more details.

Clean as You Go

Don’t wait until your office (or home office) is a gigantic mess before you decide to clean it. Clean it a bit each day, empty the trash, clear off the desk clutter, and wipe down the surfaces daily. Do you have an  — Read full post


DealDash Deals with Distractions

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Distraction is defined as “a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else”. Let’s look at 5 common distractions.

As an adult living with ADHD I am no stranger to distractions. One of the things that I have found very helpful to help me focus on the task at hand is knowing what are some common distractions that I am up against, so I can recognize them and deal with the preventively instead of just reacting to them. Here are 5 common distractions that you should watch out for, lest they prevent you from finishing your tasks. — Read full post