Kids and Parenting

DealDash Tips for Buying Kid’s Gym Shoes


Gym shoes are important to have, especially when it’s snow boot season. Let DealDash help you find new gym shoes.

If your kids are like most, they are going to need separate shoes for gym class while in school. Now you want to find the best shoes that you can without spending a great deal of cash on them. Here are some tips for getting the best gym shoes for your kids, from DealDash.

Timing is Important

You will want to purchase shoes later in the day. Feet tend to swell slightly when you are up and about on your  — Read full post

Kids and Parenting

DealDash Kids: Is it Time for a Phone?


Chances are if your child is over the age of 10 they want a cellphone. Here are some tips from DealDash to navigate that conversation.

When you are a parent you have a lot of important choices to make for your children. One very important choice you need to make for your kids is whether or not they are ready for a cell phone. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are trying to make this important choice. Read on for more information from DealDash.

Do They Spend Time After School?

You need to keep into consideration  — Read full post


DealDash’s Safety Tips for Teen Drivers


Have a teen who is driving or will be soon? Read these safety tips from DealDash.

As a teen approaches their 16th (or 17th, depending on your state) birthday their parents must get ready to prepare another driver for the open road. It can be a scary thought having your child operating a motor vehicle so you need to make sure that they are fully prepared for the privilege of driving a car. Here are three safety tips that will assist in making sure that your child is a safe driver. Read on for more information from DealDash.


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DealDash Rules Summer

How is your summer going so far? We’re done with the 4th of July, the next big holiday is Labor Day on Monday, September 5th. Let’s make the most of the summer before it’s over!

Have you and your family made any fun day trips yet this summer? Depending on where you live there are most likely many fun places that you can go to spend the day, feel like you had a little vacation, but not spend money on plane tickets or hotels. There are lots of fun places that you can visit that don’t have to break the  — Read full post