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DealDash Pets: Leash Walking for Large Dogs


Teaching a large dog to walk on a leash can be a little more difficult. Never fear, DealDash is here with tips for walking a large dog on a leash.

Teaching your large breed dog how to walk on a leash is very important. It will stop your big dog from pulling and tugging on the leash while you are walking him.  Putting your large dog on a leash will keep him by your side while also giving him enough room to roam around. Training your dog how to walk on a leash can be a difficult task, but these tips will help make the process much easier. Read on for more information from DealDash.

Getting Prepared

The first thing you need is a sturdy collar or harness and a 6-foot leash. You don’t want the leash to be any shorter because he won’t be able to explore, but if it’s longer you might have trouble managing him. It is best to use a sturdy collar because your dog can easily slip out of the buckle while they are on the leash. The best collar for your dog is a Martingale Collar. These types of collars will help make training your dog to walk on a leash easier. It is best to also be prepared with some treats for your dog.

Give a Command

Pick a phrase or a word that will let your dog know what he should expect. Since you are not telling your dog to heel a simple “let’s go” will work well. You should start out by walking on the side of your dog and then give the command.

When you notice your dog is pulling on the leash you should stop walking immediately and do not move. You should never allow your dog to keep moving forward when he is pulling or lugging. This will teach him that the only way he is going to move is if he leaves some slack on the leash. When there is slack on the leash, you can then command your dog to go.

Make It Rewarding

Once your dog is getting used to the leash and is obeying your commands, you should reward him with praises, toys or some treats. You most likely will need a lot of treats when you first start training him to get his attention.  If you give him treats frequently it will encourage him to walk on a leash.

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Training your dog to walk on a leash will take a lot of patience.  Remember to be consistent with the commands and reward him for his good behavior. Before you know it, your dog will be walking on a leash with no problems.

Teaching a dog how to walk on a leash is important, especially for a larger breed dog. Even though you might not have any trouble handling a 25-pound large breed puppy, once he is a grown 80-pound dog you might run into some problems. Teaching him how to walk nicely on a leash when he is young will make your life easier.

I hope that you found this DealDash article on walking a large breed dog helpful. If you have any tips for pets and their owners please share them below in a comment on this DealDash blog.

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DealDashThis sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.


DealDash Pets: Let Your Dog Walk Off-Leash?


There are many benefits from letting your dog walk off-lead. Here are some ways to do it safely.

If you only walk your dog or puppy in urban environments with it kept tight to your side, consider changing it up and driving to a forest trail or walking on public footpaths.

There are multiple benefits for this, but the main one being that a dog will walk itself if you let it. Interestingly enough, when let the dog off of the lead, a dog will bound from side to side, run ahead, run back, and generally have a great time. This also lets the dog do all the hard work for you. On an hour-long walk, it may even walk twice as much as you! Here are some ways to accomplish this without endangering your dog, from DealDash.

Already Have a Tight Bond

When you do try this for the first time with a new puppy, make sure you have a great bond. It should come when called into your house and be able to follow a few commands like sit and come. Never, ever use negative reinforcement like hitting to train it; this will only make it scared of you and not want to come anywhere near you. Try using positive reinforcement such as using treats, petting, and praise. This will work just fine and strengthen your bond. You should be starting this training young – the later you leave it, the harder it’ll be to install. However, if you try it too young, the puppy won’t be able to pay attention or remember.

Not Every Dog is Able to Walk Nicely

Some breeds come with their own unique problems. Hounds might spot rabbits and deer and will be off before you’ve even realized they’re gone. In this case, consider walking in large open spaces like fields to get your dog used to being called and returning to you. Labs, especially young ones, are often boisterous and full of confidence; waiting until they’re a little older won’t go amiss. Some dogs will never walk nicely off-leash, and that’s okay. Just give it your best shot, and your dog will love you for it!

Having said this, if you get your dog a little later in its life, then it might have developed a few bad habits. It might not come when called, is aggressive, or will eat anything that comes across its path. If your dog is like this, lots more training will be required before you even begin to take him off-leash. You need to be responsible here; though it’s tempting to let it off just this once, you don’t know if another dog is just around the corner. You don’t want to injure your own dog or someone else’s, so please use common sense when it comes to your own situation.

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I hope that you found this DealDash article on walking your dog helpful. DealDash has plenty of pet auctions with items for dogs, cats, and other animals. DealDash has a great selection. Visit DealDash now to check out the auctions. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!


This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Helps: Effortless Health

Most people want to be healthy but few have the time and energy to devote a lot of time to improvement. You can make minor everyday changes that make a big difference in your health.

There are so many small things that you can do daily to make a big difference over time in your overall health. If you do many small things per day they can add up to big health benefits. Here are a few examples of small things that you can do daily that will improve your overall health without a lot of extra time or effort spent.

One of the most common things that you can do to improve your health without too much effort is to park in a spot as far away from the door as possible when you go shopping. For someone like myself that can add up to big benefits because as a Stay At Home Mom I go shopping almost every day. Not only do I get the benefits of the further walk, but I also get additional health benefits from having to carry my 15 pound infant son in his “baby bucket”. It’s cardio without having to drive to the gym!

Another small thing that you can do for your health is to replace your fat and calorie laden desserts with a healthier option such as fruit, low-fat yogurt, or even a popsicle. This change can make a dramatic difference in your weight if you normally eat cake, ice cream, or cookies every night for dessert. By cutting these things out and replacing them with a healthier option you can easily shave off 200-300 calories per day which will eventually turn into pounds lost over the next few months.

The last tip that I am going to suggest is extremely easy and very effective – drink more water! It takes zero effort on your part to swap out soda, juice, and other beverages for water and you will reap huge health benefits. Water is essential for your body to function, and you will feel much better once you are not in a constant low-level state of dehydration. In addition to the health benefits drinking more water can also benefit your wallet. If you have a water filter on your fridge or a Brita pitcher then your water will cost you less than 5 cents per cup, which is a huge improvement over $1+ for a bottle of soda.

Fitness Reality 2-In-1 Air Elliptical and Exercise Bike

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DealDash Avoids Damaging Exercise

Everyone talks about how healthy exercise is for your body. However, did you know that there are some exercises that can damage and age your body prematurely?

When someone says “exercise” you probably picture someone in the gym in excellent health, as fit as can be, and enjoying the activity. This is only one side of the coin, though, because believe it or not exercise can harm your body and age you prematurely if you aren’t careful and aware how you are treating your body.

For example, if your favorite workout includes exercises that put a lot of strain on your shoulders such as overhead presses with free weights you might want to limit them or do alternate exercises as you age, because rotator cuff injuries, torn tendons, and other shoulder injuries become much more commonplace. Alternately, you might want to try a lower weight but more reps. This will still give you a great workout but reduce the chance of a shoulder injury.

Another workout that you might want to limit is HIIT (High-intensity interval training), even though it can provide you an awesome workout it can put a lot of strain and wear on your body. If you insist on doing HIIT, then try to limit it to only a couple of times per week with a few days in between sessions to let your body heal itself.

Speaking of putting a lot of strain and wear on your body, exercising strenuously every day can be counter-intuitive, because before long you will most likely suffer an injury and have to wait days or weeks for it to heal. It’s wonderful to want to move your body every day, try alternating cardio, weight training, and something as simple and easy as walking or riding your bike every day.

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Summer Exercising with DealDash

The summer is a great time to start your new exercise program. The weather is beautiful, let’s go outside with DealDash!

If you live in most parts of the US then you are used to cold, windy, snowy winters. Now that it’s beginning to feel like summer it’s a great time to get in some exercise while the weather is nice. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Swimming – Most people love to swim, and it’s a very good low-impact workout. Even if you are elderly or have trouble walking most people are still able to swim, float, or do water aerobics in the water without any extra pain. If you are in good shape anyway then a nice swim can be your reward after a vigorous work out. Swimming is also a wonderful way to get your whole family involved in exercise. If you have any smaller kids that aren’t able to swim yet, then that’s a bonus for your workout, since you will have to carry, push, and pull them around the pool.

Swim N' Play 15ft x 36in Above Ground Pool with Port Hole

Jogging/Running – Jogging and running are excellent ways to burn calories and get toned. If you love to jog or run but have been snowed in all winter then now is the time to tie up those sneakers and get outside! Please remember, though, it’s best to run in either the early morning or evening when it’s cooler outside. Sun stroke is no joke! Be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Walking – If you’re not up to jogging or running how about taking a nice long walk instead? Walking is awesome for your cardiovascular health, it’s low-impact, you get to take in the sights and sounds of nature, and it can be a lot of fun if you have someone to go with you. If you have a partner to walk with it makes the time go by much quicker and you will be able to walk much further than you would on your own. Alternately, if you can’t find a human walking companion, how about adopting, fostering, or borrowing a dog to walk with?

I hope that this article has inspired you to get out and get moving in this wonderful summer weather. If you need any sports equipment or exercise equipment DealDash has it all! Just click on this link here and it will take you to the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category on DealDash.