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DealDash Weight Loss Jump Starts


Losing weight is difficult, but there are a few easy things to do to get started. Read on for more information from DealDash.

If you are like many you are looking to get rid of some unwanted pounds. However, you might be somewhat unsure of where to start. Here are some quick ways to shed some pounds, easily and healthfully, from DealDash.

Don’t Skimp on Protein

You will want to make sure that you are eating protein at each meal, including breakfast. This is a fantastic way to really jump start your weight loss efforts. Go for lean proteins such as chicken and turkey.

Go Light on the Oils

Stop using vegetable oils such as corn and sunflower. Instead, you want to switch to using olive oil in your food preparation. However, try to keep the oil to a minimum if you can. Try the zero calorie spray when you are cooking.

Water is Your BFF

Drink water at every chance possible. It is recommended that you drink an eight ounce glass for each 20 pounds of weight that you are carrying. If you have a difficult time trying to drink water add a slice of lemon or cucumber to it. Reduce the amount of dairy that you are consuming. There are a few exceptions like low sugar yogurts, but try to substitute water when milk is needed.

No More Alcohol

Get rid of drinking alcohol entirely if you are able to. You really won’t gain many health benefits from drinking alcohol. You will find that there are many non-alcoholic options that will satisfy you. Again, try to substitute water for all drinks during your day and evening.

Not Too Much Fruit

Don’t over-do it on the fruit. You need to stick with fruits that are low in sugar and high in fiber. Apples and bananas are great examples of fruits that you should be consuming. Also, make sure that you are avoiding fruit juices as many contains unneeded sugars that can cause weight gain. Fruit juices also don’t contain the wonderful benefits of fiber that you get from eating fruit.

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Putting any of these tips into action is going to go far in helping you be able to jump start your weight loss. You need to do as many or as few things that you think will help you the most. The trick is also to not completely deprive yourself of a treat every once in a while as you are less likely to binge and wreck your diet.

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DealDash Health: Foods for Fitness


Certain foods can help your fitness. These foods are great for your health and taste great. Read on for tips and ideas from DealDash.

The summertime is the perfect time to work out and up your fitness level if you would like to. It can be hard with all the summer picnics and barbeques to keep to a healthy diet. If you want to increase your fitness and even lose some weight for the summer, you’ll need some tips on what to eat. Here are 3 foods to eat for fitness and weight loss in the summer, from DealDash.


Watermelons are the most popular fruit to eat during the summer, and it also delicious and aids in weight loss. The sweet taste of a watermelon can be a great replacement for a slice of cake.  There are hardly any calories, and it can help with dehydration because it is made out of 92% percent water. A watermelon will give you the fitness boost and weight loss that you want during the summer.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for cleansing your system and promoting weight loss.  During the summertime, you probably don’t want to drink a hot cup of tea.  That is why you can have iced green tea. Green tea will help you control your appetite, hydrate you, and burn fat as well.  If you want to add some flavor to your tea, you can add some fresh mint and/or honey.


Not everyone likes to eat vegetables, but it is worth it to eat spinach. One of the benefits of spinach is that it can cut cravings. It is also loaded with vitamin A, Vitamin C, and iron. The best thing about spinach is that it only 7 calories per cup.  If you don’t like the taste of spinach, you can add it to your burger or into a smoothie.

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Getting fit during the summer does not have to be hard. You should take advantage of the nice weather and exercise also. These 3 foods will help you increase your fitness level and even get rid of those unwanted pounds. Finally, you will feel good in the process!

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This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

Happy Halloween! Now Work Off That Candy!


Now that the candy binging is almost over, it’s time to think about health. Here are some tips for hiring a personal trainer, from DealDash.

Are you are looking to get healthy? If you’re seeking out the services of a personal trainer there are several things that you should look. What should you look for in the personal trainer? Here are some tips from DealDash that will help you choose a trainer to assist you in getting fit.

Patience is a Virtue

When you look for a personal trainer you need to find one that has patience. Working out, especially if you have not done it in a while, can be really difficult. You need to have someone who will be patient with you no matter what skill level you happen to be. The personal trainer that you choose should also have excellent skills in communication. They should be able to communicate exactly what they want from you so that you know exactly what to do. This way you will not get injured while you are exercising.

Are They Professional?

You also need to make sure that your personal trainer is a professional. You need to be sure that while being helpful, your personal trainer should be as professional as possible. Basically, you want to make sure that you can get the proper advice from your trainer while keeping everything as professional as possible without becoming too familiar with your trainer. You don’t want to think of this as a friendship but a business relationship.

I have experienced this before in a different type of business relationship. We became friendly, which was nice. However, when it became more of a friendship than a business relationship she became less professional. She started canceling our appointments or arriving late when she had never done either of those things when things were strictly business. If you’re serious about your training, then you will heed this advice and kee your relationship purely professional.

Do Your Personalities Clash?

You’ll also need to find a personal trainer that is able to educate in addition to having a personality that you meshes with yours.  You need to be able to work with someone that is able to educate you on how to properly get fit. Try to make sure that their personality compliments yours so that you will enjoy working with them.

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Choosing a personal trainer is something that you need to take seriously. You need to make sure that you do your research, just like on DealDash! Your level of fitness should be important to you so be sure to take your time when selecting a personal trainer.

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DealDash Helps You Eat Low Carb

DealDash Low Carb

Dieting is hard, there are so many different varieties that you can try. Let DealDash show you Low Carb.

Low carb, of course, means low carbohydrate. You might be extremely surprised to find out how many carbs are in the food that you’re eating. Starting on a low-carb diet may seem like an impossibly complicated task, and there are very few foods that are almost completely low carb, such as meats, cheeses, and eggs. However, if you are determined to forge ahead into a low carb lifestyle, here are some tips and suggestions from DealDash.

Why Low Carb?

If you are completely unfamiliar with the concept of eating a low carb diet, you might not even know why limiting carbohydrates can help you lose weight. When you eat carbohydrates, they are converted into simple sugars. They known as glucose in your bloodstream, and are your main fuel source. Low-carb dieting is based on the premise that without enough carbs available as fuel, your body will burn its fat stores to keep you moving.

What’s Average?

Typical American dietary guidelines recommend between 225-325 grams of carbs per day. When someone tries to eat a low carb diet, they usually aim for approximately 100 carbs per day. It’s very easy to eat excessive amounts of carbs without even realizing it, so be as strict as possible when calculating your daily carb intake.

There are even carbs in fruits and vegetables! Most of the carbs present in vegetables are negligible, though. However, if you are attempting a low carb diet it’s wise to avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn. Review what you’re eating on a daily basis. You will see where you might be able to cut out some carbs.

Drink Lots of Water

Eating a low carb diet can be difficult, but not impossible. One of the easiest things to do to get yourself started on reducing your carbs is to completely cut out all drinks except water. The more water you drink the better, it will help fill you up as well as flush out the toxins in your body. Aim for an absolute minimum of 64 ounces per day, but double that would be even better.

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Low Carb food pyramid DealDash

DealDash Helps: Tiny Calorie Swaps

Most of us Americans could stand to lose a few pounds. Here are some handy tips on how to reduce your calories by making tiny lifestyle changes.

Are you a little overweight? Could you stand to lose just a few pounds? I know I could! Here are a few of the sneaky little ways that I have discovered to cut a few calories here and there throughout the day. If you save 10 calories here, and 20 calories there it doesn’t take long to add up to a fairly significant savings by the end of the day.

Swap your plate. If you’re eating dinner on a large 12″ size plate swap it out for a 10″ sized one. Most people just automatically fill their plate with food, so filling in 10″ versus 12″ is a savings in calories.

Ditch the soda habit. A 12-ounce soft drink has about 150 to 180 calories. If you down two or three a day, you’re getting lots of extra calories. If the main reason that you like drinking soda is the carbonation, try drinking seltzer water instead. If plain seltzer water isn’t you thing, you can add some orange or cranberry juice to make a delicious drink. It’s more calories than the plan seltzer, but less than a can of regular soda.

Eat what you like…With a friend. Do you love ice cream? How about cheesecake? Fudge? Me too! The easiest way to save half of the calories on delicious desserts is to share them with a friend. When I go out to dinner with my husband we almost always order 1 dessert and share it. He doesn’t really care for sweets, and I don’t care to eat 1,000 calories in one sitting on a piece of cheesecake.

Switch to skim. Skim milk, that is. If you enjoy milk in your cereal, milk in your coffee, or even just a glass of cold milk then stop buying whole milk and start buying skim milk. If the change is to abrupt for you, then step it down by choosing 2%, 1%, then skim.

Eat popcorn instead of chips. If you swap out your greasy, salty chips for some fat-free popcorn you have saved lots of calories. If you switch to air popped you will save even more. Popcorn is delicious, addicting, and almost guilt free.

Make it with mustard instead of mayo. If you love to make sandwiches or chicken salad or tuna, skip the mayo and try using some delicious stone ground mustard instead. If that is too extreme for you try using a 2:1 ratio of mustard to mayo. You will still save calories and it will be even more delicious.

I hope that this article has got you thinking about some small ways to cut calories without disrupting your lifestyle too much. If you’re looking for a scale to track your progress check out DealDash. DealDash has a few different types of scales up for bid. Just click here to be taken to the scales on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!