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penny auctions dealdash

The Real Point Of Penny Auctions And DealDash

penny auctions dealdash

Bidding on low value items is something I really enjoy. I started bidding on DealDash a year or two ago and saw some high value items selling for pennies on the dollar and thought to myself, “Wow, Christmas has come early!”

So I started bidding on them only to realize through losing many bids in very little time that I should let others bid the price up and jump in later in the auction. After a few missed opportunities, I decided another tactic and that was looking at the lower valued items because they seemed to end quicker and were not as expensive. It wasn’t long before I started winning $10 items and when I went to cash out, I was given the opportunity to either trade it in for bids or get the item. Being that I wanted to keep bidding, I would trade it in for bids to get more items I wanted on the site. It seems to be working for me because I win occasionally with this technique and have fun at the same time.

Keep this bidding tip in mind. Penny auctions aren’t for spending your last dollar, they are for enjoyment and winning items is just a plus to go along with the fun.

I’ve been bidding on for about two years and really like it. I’ve gone to others but find myself coming back to DealDash because of it’s ability get your bids back when you don’t win an auction with the option to buy it now.

By Gigi Pence

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DealDash Reviews and balance

Find A Good Balance With DealDash

DealDash Reviews and balanceOn the DealDash auction site I recently bid on a Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level. No, I did not win.

But I am excited to let you know that I was able to acquire the item by making a purchase through the “BUY IT NOW” option.  I bid 45 bids on the Craftsman Digital Torpedo Level.  But to the young un-seasoned bidders, I was able to get my bids back and purchase my level.  Isn’t that a great option?  I got the item I wanted and did not lose my bids.

Now, you are asking why would I bid and lose then purchase the item I was bidding on. Well, it makes very good financial sense.  I was going to buy the Craftsman level anyway.  I would have gone down to my local hardware store to purchase one.  By bidding on the DealDash Auction site I got to stay at home and not use up my expensive gas to go to the store to purchase it.  All I had to do was get on the DealDash Auction site to bid; win it or buy it; and wait for it to be delivered to my front door.  It makes great money sense to me.

Now why did I want to buy a level? Well I have a sweet and handsome handyman husband who loves to do special things for me. We have a lovely home and I have beautiful pictures on the wall which I take great pride in.  My husband, sweet thing, is always helping me do the things I need done. Husbands “gotta love em”.  Well, let me just say wall pictures in our house sometimes are a little bit lopsided.  Having a level will sure cut down on the nail holes in the wall. My sweet husband always says “Oh well at least the picture will hide the nail hole”.  Uh huh! Well just like a man never asking for directions or reading a map I decided to buy him a tool to make things level, easier, and eliminate the extra nail holes behind our pictures.

I am providing a picture of my sweet handsome Husband with his new Craftsman Digital Torpedo level and my beautiful lithograph that is not lopsided, I might add.  Thank you, Deal Dash Auction for having great items to bid on.

By Victoria L Overton

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DealDash Winner

DealDash Bidding Tips

Biggest DealDash Attribute

DealDash Bidding Tips

I think the biggest attribute you have to have when bidding on DealDash is patience. You also have to have the time to be patient.

My personal DealDash rules and strategies are:

1.  Only buy bids when they are on sale for 15 cents.
2.  Only bid on items that I really need.
3.  Research those you are bidding against on APA and on the winners page.  I don’t bid against someone who has just won a large bid pack.
4.  I place just a few bids at the beginning of an auction and then sit back and watch until it gets down to two or three people.  This is where patience and my free time available comes into play.
5.  Bid on an auction with my head and not my emotions.
6.  I no longer bid on more than 2 auctions at the same time.
7.  I always remember that the same item will come up for bid before too long.
8.  I do a search for any item I need and then I request to be alerted when it comes to an auction.
9.  I try not to pay/spend more than one third of the item value between cost of bids and final cost of item.

Everyone is different. What are your DealDash tips, rules, strategies when bidding on

Written by Dianne Aikman
Joined DealDash:  9/2/2012
I retired from AT&T after 25 years of service in 1998.  I have been a Nanny for 8 years and currently care for one little girl who soon turns 1 year old. One married daughter who is a mortgage underwriter and son-in-law who is a SAG actor. My husband is a master finish carpenter and we have been together for 36 years and soon married for 34 years. Some of my hobbies include animal rescue, fostering and gardening.
DealDash Penny Auctions

3 Helpful Questions To Ask Yourself When Bidding On DealDash

To bid or not to bid? That is one question to ask yourself when bidding on DealDash. Here are three more helpful questions you need to be asking.

Do you ever find yourself bidding for products that you do not really need or want? When I first discovered it happened to me a lot. customers might easily get carried away because it has such a wide variety of high-quality products and it is one of the most honest, fun and exciting penny auction sites online. To avoid over bidding and going over the limits of our budget, I learned that it is very important to first ask ourselves the following questions:

• Do I really need this product?

• If I do not win, can I afford to use the Buy It Now (BIN) option to get all my bids back?

• If I were not bidding, would I be shopping for this item, anyway?

By taking the time to stop and ask these questions, we will be far less likely to waste bids on products we do not really need or want and we will be far more likely to have enough bids left for the auction items that we really do want to win.

When I first started shopping on I also wanted to win good deals for my friends. Since I am a member of Take off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS), I focused on winning food and bathroom scales to give away as birthday gifts. After a while, however, I looked at how much it was costing me. Even though I was getting some good deals, I could not afford to give away so many expensive gifts to so many people.

Now I encourage everyone to do their own shopping on The bottom line: To continue enjoying our shopping experience on, it is important to plan ahead, set reasonable limits and stay within our budgets.

By Barbara Sellers

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DealDash Auction Bidders

Different DealDash Bidder Definitions

Have you ever been on a DealDash auction and had someone come in at the $5 mark? Or, how about the bidder who bids the first bid and then you never see him again? What is a slapper? What is a snake? Let’s try to make this simple for everyone who bids on

The snake: he/she comes in at $3 or $4 and bids once. Only when the auction is down to two bidders will you see him again.

The slapper: he/she is usually a new person who does not understand the bidding process or what I call follow the rules of etiquette of bidding. He slaps everyone who bids, does not use bid buddy, and thinks if he slaps he will win, wrong usually.

The One Bid phenom: he/she bids once, never bids again and was just hoping to get lucky with that one bid. I have never quite understood why someone bids once and then disappears. If you look at the history of the auction the avatars are plentiful (14 per line, who counts?) and yet there are really only 3 or 4 serious bidders.

The Free Bid King: here is someone who only wants to be on top to earn his/her free bids. While DealDash offers the multiplier frequently in promotions, this person is so fixated on earning free bids he slaps everyone on the $10 cards to reach his goal. Once the price is over $5 for the auction, he backs out, buys it now and salivates on his free bids.

The Bio brother/sister: have you read some of the bios? Oh my. The drama and sad stories these people have. If I were short of cash and needed things for my family, I don’t think DealDash is the place to shop. Nor, does it have the effect of me backing out. How about the person who wants this for her classroom? I have to laugh when I read it, since the classroom probably does not need the Bath and Beauty Works card they are bidding on. Let’s change these more frequently.

Win at All Cost Bidder: this bidder, and there are alot of them, bids feverishly on the auctions they want to win and will bid hundreds of bids on even the smallest items. Check out AllPennyAuctions web site and you can see how many bids the bidder uses on a regular basis. This screams “bidder beware” since they seem to have a very large bucket of bids and winning is all that matters.

I hope these definitions are useful when you are bidding. I know if I had known some of this when I first started on DealDash in 2012, I could have saved myself a lot of money and bids! Happy Bidding Everybody!

By Joan Vith

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